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17 Signs Everyone Who Wants To Move To Australia Knows To Be True

Deep down, we all wish we came from a land down under.

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5. Whenever new Aussie artists hits the scene you get more excited than you should.

5 Seconds of Summer - Yes a boy band, but let's give credit where credit is due.

Gotye - Now he's just somebody that we used to listen to, but still an Aussie.

Atlas Genius - Yes. Just, yes.

Iggy Azalea - She's fancy and she knows it.

6. You've done research to find the nearest place that sells Tim Tams or have resorted to ordering them online.*cIjTiLbou6mXut-9Sjfw33q*7Ibq7wojkmW4ouOEUl8t*HTXjxiI90-x0D9jriRQ__/timtamalam.jpg

And you know the Tim Tam Slam is the best way to consume them.

8. You know that even though Australia is home to the highest number of dangerous species, most of them only come out to play during their summer, are in the outback, or in the ocean.

So basically the cities are the only safe places, but what's life without a little adventure?

9. All of your friends and family know that when looking for a gift for you, anything Australian related will do.

Your home is filled with Australian stuffed animals, board games, wine, travel books, and more stuffed animals. Koalas everywhere.

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