Canadian KD Vs. American Mac 'N' Cheese

    A very serious investigation.

    If you're American, you might not know that Kraft mac 'n' cheese is actually called Kraft Dinner in Canada, and the cheesy, noodley goodness actually has different ingredients in Canada than it does in America.

    So we decided to bring in a bunch of Americans and a bunch of Canadians and conduct a blind taste test to decide once and for all which is better — American Kraft Mac 'N' Cheese, or Canadian Kraft Dinner.

    Our first observation was that Americans don't have nearly as much pride for their country's mac 'n' cheese than their friends to the north.

    But in the end, most stayed true to their country — the vast majority of Americans picked Kraft's American mac 'n' cheese recipe.

    Canadians, on the other hand, were clearly passionate about KD. Four out of four Canadians picked KD as the better of the two.

    Watch the entire taste test here, to find out which country's mac 'n' cheese will reign supreme:

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    ... And whichever you choose, enjoy ;)