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    31 Things From Walmart That Just Might Inspire You To Spend More Time Outdoors

    Making the outdoors even shopping trip at a time.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 16-person family tent that'll replace a vacation rental. Head into the great outdoors with your crew or pitch your portable hotel in your backyard for the ultimate sleepover.

    2. A kayak and paddle set to have on deck (puns) for those sunny, summer days when laying in the sun or taking a walk just won't cut it.

    3. Hiking poles that'll help you trek through the snow with ease. With the right gear, you'll never be afraid to hike in the winter!

    4. A four-seater pedal boat with a canopy, because this'll be the ideal tool to use for a day spent on the water with a few friends (or forced family fun).

    5. A stand-up paddle board to leisurely glide over your local lake, surf the coast of your local beach, or use to test your balance by trying out some yoga moves.

    6. A canopy that'll make outdoor get-togethers, parties, and picnics that much more official...and protected from the sun or rain.

    7. A picnic table to host weekend brunches, happy hours, or even game nights while enjoying the fresh air.

    8. Ice skates that'll help you fulfill your winter wonderland dreams. Having your own is more hygienic and comfortable anyway...

    9. A mountain bike to go from point A to B, regardless of the terrain. Beautiful days call for bike rides. Period.

    10. An outdoor prep table, because filleting a fish or slicing veggies right next to the grill means keeping a better eye on temperature and smoke levels...and is just a cooler experience overall.

    11. A hiking backpack that'll carry everything you need for a few hours (or days) outdoors. No hike should go unexplored because you can't fit everything you need/think you need in a regular bag.

    12. A Dutch oven for cooking over some coals or a hot plate. Hot food just tastes better when you've made it on the beach or in the middle of the woods.

    13. A camping chair for parking it in the sun with a book, whether just outside your house or deep in the forest. Get cozy and stay protected while enjoying the great outdoors.

    14. A portable mini cooler, because happy hour is the happiest when it can be enjoyed in the sunshine or fresh air. And no up-charges are applied.

    15. A thermal base layer shirt for layering up and staying warm, because nothing will convince you to go inside more than the serious chill of winter.

    16. A camouflage sleeping bag for serious campers who want to be as much a part of nature as possible. And don't mind being accidentally stepped on by a wolf.

    17. A waterproof picnic blanket that transforms into its own carrying case β€” and is super soft. The next best thing to fluffy grass is definitely flannel.

    18. A double sleeping bag for the most adventurous date ever. We won't say whether it'll be your best or your worst, we'll leave the luck to you.

    19. A two-in-one waterproof duffel bag backpack for heading to the beach or setting up for the day near a waterfall or lake. Few things are worse than wet backup clothes.

    20. A tent light that'll be a surefire (puns) backup for when your campfire doesn't end up as grand as you'd hoped or when the stick trick doesn't work. Scout's honor.

    21. An all-in-one cooking tool for grating, slicing, serving, and anything else you could need to do while preparing a gourmet four-course meal outdoors. Casually.

    22. Roller skates, because (roller derby, racing, exploring trails or a city, just plain looking cool) why the heck not.

    23. A tetherball for getting your solo competition on. We recommend posting up in your front yard vs. your backyard. Show the neighborhood who's boss.

    24. A bean bag toss game that'll be the hit of any kid's birthday party...or any adult's drinking game.

    25. A volleyball and badminton set for getting competitive with your neighbors (mostly regarding who has the coolest backyard setup).

    26. A boomerang that'll have you and your friends inexplicably entertained for hours.

    27. A bocce ball set for playful afternoons outdoors. Get the kids, the grandmas, the neighbors, and the dogs involved β€” there's room in bocce for everyone.

    28. A basketball net for your trampoline to take your afternoons of jumping to new heights. Or up your game. Whichever pun you prefer.

    29. A Spikeball set that'll be the perfect excuse to get some friends together, hit the park, stay and play awhile.

    30. A two-person canoe for adventurous outdoor dates where you can still hear each other and the risk of embarrassment is actually low.

    31. A crash pad to bring with you while bouldering outdoors. Safety first, ya'll.

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