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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Help Upgrade Your Bathroom

    Your washroom deserves it.

    1. A clear apothecary jar that'll house everything from cotton swabs to toothpaste tabs.

    2. A stainless-steel toothbrush holder, because this'll be easy to clean and will keep everyone's daily routine streamlined and organized.

    3. A stained glass shower curtain that'll light up the space with pastels and give a new, calming energy to any washroom.

    4. A mounted toothbrush holder for when counter space is lacking, but organization and sanitation is still a priority.

    5. A beautiful stone bathroom product-organization unit comprised of multiple parts that fit into one small round tray for optimal utilization of space and Insta-readiness.

    6. An automatic hand-soap dispenser that is quite possibly the most sanitary way to grab your soap to wash your hands.

    7. A clear storage shower curtain for bathrooms with minimal space or minimalist bathrooms that could benefit from showing off pieces of art or trinkets in a unique way.

    8. A fluffy bath mat that'll hide water marks and feel positively luxurious after every bath or shower.

    9. Poo-Pourri spray to sort out stinky bathroom situations, regardless of the magnitude.

    10. A Meyer's Clean Day soy candle for lighting during baths, self-care, or anything that requires a longer amount of time.

    11. A wax warmer for lighting and leaving, letting the wax's scent permeate the space and leave it smelling delightful at all times.

    12. An over-the-toilet shelving unit that is as stylish as it is useful and space-conserving.

    13. A shell shower curtain hook set for the ultimate coastal bathroom theme finishing detail.

    14. A storage tower with a hamper that'll be the proper place to throw your dirty towels rather than the end of your bed, floor, or hook where you reuse them to death (just me? OK).

    15. A white storage unit to keep any bathroom as fresh as the day you bought it, but with a little more organization and style.

    16. An in-shower organizational unit for the multitude of products either you, your family, or your roommates have.

    17. A set of 100% cotton, absorbent bath towels so you can comfortably clean bodies, faces, and hands.

    18. A minimal wooden soap dish for draining and holding wet soap, making it a great, aesthetically-pleasing option for both hand or body soap.

    19. A standing toilet paper holder and reserve so you never run out of toilet paper at the worst time. It also has a little tray to hold your phone, so no accidental slips have a chance to ruin your week.

    20. Chic shower curtain hooks for hanging that super-cool curtain that won't be hung by just anything.

    21. Tiny minimalist white-tipped matches in unmarked white boxes that'll look as chic on your bathroom sink as they'll be complete lifesavers.

    22. A dual shower head that'll make you wonder if you've ever truly showered before having one with 30 different settings on it.

    23. A bamboo bathtub caddy tray to lay over your tub, hold your tea, book, and products, and make your bath experience that much more Instagrammable.

    24. A tissue box holder that'll hide unsightly tissue boxes and keep your bathroom stylish, as well as utilitarian.

    25. An over-the-door towel rack to streamline every shower you take. Hang wet towels right after they're used and they'll be ready for you, in the bathroom, when you're ready for them again.

    26. An essential oil diffuser that you can turn on and leave unattended while essential oils permeate the space and make your at-home spa dreams come true.

    27. A splash-proof speaker for in-shower jam sessions and bath-time grooving.

    28. A bathtub neck pillow for actually kicking back and taking a bath that doesn't give you a completely stiff neck.

    29. A marble trash can that'll suit any theme of decor and ensure that even your garbage looks chic.

    30. An oil-stained bronze toilet brush with a holder to replace the loose toilet brush that's shoved behind your toilet and seen too many crises already. Retire her.

    31. A crystal mouthwash decanter for when that Costco-sized Crest rinse just doesn't go with your chic bathroom decor.

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