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    31 Toys From Walmart For Kids Who Love To Play Outside

    These outdoor toys definitely make us wish we were kids again.

    1. A surfing swing to encourage kids to practice balance and agility, whether just for fun, before introducing them to a real board, or in-between surf sessions.

    2. An outdoor playhouse that'll offer kids β€” whether solo, with a friend, or with siblings β€” a safe place to get creative and use their imagination.

    3. A splash-and-surprise water game to keep smaller kids entertained and cool on hot summer days, so they can stay out and active for longer.

    4. A basketball set with an adjustable net and ball that'll help teach them hand-eye coordination, athleticism, and good sportsmanship for years to come.

    5. A bubble machine to give smaller kids hours of chasing, catching, and popping fun.

    6. A backyard slide and swing set that'll keep a group of kids social, occupied, and totally active for hours.

    7. A plastic toboggan for little thrill-seekers, whether it's the first snow or the first day of summer. Pair it with a hill (and a helmet) for a full day of fun.

    8. A picnic table that'll get kids together to enjoy some snacks, crafts, board games, and other indoor activities easily taken outside.

    9. A baseball water slide so you can combine the best of summer sports with a pool party. Get kids together for an elevated and soaking wet version of this classic game.

    10. A bouncey castle for birthday parties or playdates, especially if you want yours to be the coolest house in the neighborhood.

    11. A tricycle with a detachable handle that'll get kids ready to ride a bike on their own, but also give guardians an active way to be there to support the transition.

    12. A dune racer for adrenaline-pumped backyard adventures or supervised neighborhood drives.

    13. A National Geographic play sand kit that'll bring the beach to kids and gets them building, molding, and slicing their own sand masterpieces.

    14. An outdoor chaise lounder for relaxed kids who prefer to watch the action, take breaks from it, or participate in the adults' discussions (we love to see it).

    15. A giant animal kite, because this'll look impressive and unique in the sky. Kids can also practice their hand-eye coordination and understanding of physics while enjoying a sunny afternoon outdoors.

    16. A pool volleyball kit to give kids with a competitive edge hours of volleyball challenges and fun. It's a great pool party game for older kids, though we're certain all swimming ages could totally enjoy.

    17. An inflatable movie screen for evenings outdoors with kids of all ages. Project a movie in any season without worrying about having to interrupt the fun because of a little precipitation.

    18. A cedar sandbox that'll keep small, creative kids safe at play for hours, especially with the help of a few sandbox accessories.

    19. A set of play hoops to get and keep kids active. Add in a few dance moves or other impressive variations and these classic toys definitely make for a fun afternoon outdoors.

    20. A beach ball sprinkler that'll give smaller kids their summer water fun while you get to keep it isolated to certain areas of your backyard or neighborhood (perhaps even for the benefit of your lawn).

    21. A ball bouncer to encourage mobility and exploration in a super fun way. And what's more fun than a bouncy ball race (at any age, really)?

    22. An inflatable water slide play place that'll be a total centerpiece for your summer kids' party. A rock-climbing middle leads to water slides on either end, so everyone's having fun at once rather than waiting for their turn.

    23. A small slide to keep toddlers entertained for a while, especially when guardians are right there at the end to catch then and encourage their bravery.

    24. A mini rollercoaster that'll give nervous kids an opportunity to practice their bravery and wild children a thrilling outlet. It will definitely be a hit at the park.

    25. A Lightning McQueen racecar for a dream come true. Complete with some sunglasses and good music, your little one will feel like the coolest in on the block.

    26. Or a play truck complete with a horn, LED headlights, and an MP3 player, for surprising a kid who can't be kept up with.

    27. A mountain bicycle for helping kids to get around, as the texture and width of the wheels makes it ideal for maintaining control through changes in terrain.

    28. A ball pit that'll be a fun and therapeutic place to play, especially when kids have outgrown a sandbox. It's stimulating for multiple ages, easy to clean up, and perfect for a game of hide-and-seek.

    29. A 14-ft trampoline for keeping kids of any age active for hours. Add in some group games or solo challenges for kids to try and you've got all-day entertainment.

    30. A helicopter drone to fly solo or supervised outdoors...but grab two or more and you can make it a playful battlefield in the sky.

    31. A hoverboard, because this'll challenge balance, coordination, and agility and, once mastered, could even be used as a mode of transportation around the neighborhood for older kids.

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