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    21 Simply Beautiful Tops From Walmart

    These tops are guaranteed to make you feel like your loveliest self.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A flannel-style knot-front top that offers shape and comfort as well as versatility — wear it with jeans or dress it up over top of an A-line dress.

    The red plaid top

    2. A floral, gently puffed sleeve peplum top, because this'll shape well and looks effortlessly feminine.

    The cinched white floral top with puff sleeves

    3. An embroidered lace top by Anna Sui that'll bring some life and designer flair to your wardrobe.

    The embroidered semi sheer black and red top

    4. A cozy, stretchy waffle shirt with color-blocked sleeves and a pretty fauna print.

    The purple knit top with floral embroidery

    5. A keyhole cut-out top that'll accentuates the décolletage for the perfect step up from your everyday t-shirt.

    The black and white striped top with asymmetrical hem

    6. A short-sleeve blouse with ruffles for days so you can feel whimsical and fun, but also look professional when paired with the right pants and shoes.

    The green and white polka dot top with ruffled short sleeves

    7. A yellow-polka dot blouse for when you don't have immediate access to the beach and an itty bitty bikini version isn't quite going to cut it.

    The black and yellow polk dot top

    8. A v-neck blouse with printed, sheer, puffy sleeves that'll give your typical jeans-and-t-shirt look a colorful twist.

    The pink top with red semi sheer floral sleeves

    9. A black-and-white menswear-inspired popover shirt for making you feel as distinguished as if you were wearing a tuxedo...but totally appropriate for everyday.

    The contrasting black and white long sleeve top

    10. A wrap-front top that'll be both casual because of its flowy shape and professional because of its textured material.

    The front tie pink top

    11. A button-front tunic with a classic, collared shape and menswear vibe for the cool girls who can't use enough pockets or wear enough button-downs.

    The white tunic with brown buttoned collar

    12. A floral square-neck top, because this'll be lightweight enough to keep you cool during warm summers, but it's totally layerable for fall and winter. And, somehow, its print and color way make it work for all seasons.

    The blue and pink floral blouse

    13. A chambray short-sleeve button-down that'll look perfectly tailored, thanks to the cut of its cap sleeves and the shape and angle of the collar.

    The chambray short sleeve button down

    14. A puff-sleeve button-down blouse with a collar that can be popped for a more modern professional look, but can also be ironed flat while the top is buttoned all the way up for a modest feel.

    The white short sleeve buttoned blouse

    15. A fuchsia and white blouse, because its print and cascading, over-the-shoulder neckline will make it summer every time you put it on, no matter the actual time of year.

    The pink patterned short sleeve top

    16. A boho-inspired babydoll tank that'll be a go-to during warmer months and pairs perfectly with jeans and wedges for a cute semi-casual summer look.

    The blue and grey tie dye tank

    17. A ruffle-sleeved square neck blouse for something both easy to wear and stylish, but it's sure to stand out and earn you *all* the compliments.

    The green and white floral blouse

    18. A relaxed-fit square-neck blouse so you have an easy-wearing, elegant, and year-round-appropriate essential — thank you, fail-safe and versatile tops.

    The blue and white striped blouse

    19. A bright blue floral blouse, because this'll be a gorgeous statement top to pair with shorts or jeans and a picnic at the park.

    The bright blue floral blouse with eyelet hem

    20. A tie-dye button-down shirt for a casual go-to that'll always make you feel a little dressed up, thanks to its on-trend print and menswear energy.

    The purple tie dye blouse

    21. A striped, wide-sleeve linen top so you own the definition of a simple, beautiful essential. It'll always make you feel put-together.

    The white and tan striped blouse

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