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    31 Subscribe And Save Products From Amazon For Forgetful Cat Owners

    Last-minute runs to the store for kitty litter and catnip are a thing of the past.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A packet of Wellness Kittles grain-free cat treats to give your cat some extra love without harming their sensitive tum or hindering their weight management.


    Promising review: "My cat is addicted. Doesn't hurt that wellness is such a trusted brand and the treats are grain free. We put these into a puzzle ball and the furball sprints across the house at sound of the treat bag. I feel good about giving him these." β€” Yelena

    Price: $2.25/per month.

    2. A bag of Blue Buffalo indoor cat food that addresses everything from digestion to weight management and skin and fur health is the way to go for healthy kitties who deserve to stay that way.


    Promising review: "My cat had jaundice in her eyes and gums. She'd lost half her body weight. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with liver disease. The vet made it seem like a death sentence. A friend of mine checked with her friend who's a vet, same feedback. But then online I was reading how a cat can live with the disease, as long as they are getting enough protein. She didn't like the wet food I'd gotten her, including the prescription diet emergency food the vet gave me and said, even with no appetite, she'll eat it. Wrong! When her food arrived, I was so excited to pour it in her bowl. She began eating it! And about four days later I had to refill her bowl! It's been two months, and she's gained some weight back and I will never buy her another kind of cat food again. It saved her life. The pictures of her are from the first time I fed her this food, and the second is from tonight. Her coat is so much healthier. Thank you Blue Buffalo!" β€”Melissa

    Price: $6.17/per month.

    3. A bag of Greenies pill pockets to administer your kitty's medication easily for both you and them. You're never going to want to run out of these.


    Promising review: "Outstanding, obviously has strong flavor, possibly stronger chicken flavor than the regular Greenies although that might just be because they're twice as big. One of our cats sneakily licks up some tasty soap(!) about four times a year and needs pilling for soap-induced diarrhea. He adores the chicken flavor so much that he's even eaten the pill by itself the few times it's fallen out of the Pocket. At a guess the pill takes on some of the chicken flavor once wrapped because he certainly won't take a pill by itself otherwise." β€”Athena PN

    Price: $6.17/per month.

    4. A box of Greenies dental care cat treats to keep your kitty's oral health in check, treat them to something delicious, and keep future dental vet visits at bay. This subscription is the gift that keeps on giving.


    Promising review: "My cat came to me with most of her teeth already pulled. I wanted to save the remaining ones so I use a periodontal tooth powder in conjunction with these Greenies. The combo works really well, and she loves the Greenies! In fact, the photo is her reaction after I threw out an empty small Greenies packet! These are a winner in our house." β€” Nenni

    Price: $18.04/per month.

    5. A big box of Temptations cat treats to always have on-hand for when your cat is being their best self. Forget picking up off-brand treats last-minute that your kitty won't even respond to and just subscribe to the ones they already love.

    Clear plastic container with green top filled with multi-colored treats

    Promising review: "This is crack for cats. My feline princess is a royal pain in the butt until she gets her "fix" of Temptations. This is the adequate size to purchase if you have a Temptation junkie living in your home. Just be mindful that your feline friend will find where you hide them, no matter where you put them, and demand to be bribed with treats. If you do not obey just remember... life isn't happy when the cat isn't happy. There will be throw-up in your slipper and cat traps waiting for you as you attempt to venture downstairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. Don't make your cat an assassin β€” buy them Temptations instead." β€” Kuno

    Price: $7.83/per month.

    6. A box of Bayer Advantage II Flea Prevention medication that'll help you keep your kitty's fur in tip-top shape year-round β€” no emergency vet visits required.

    Green and white packaging of flea prevention meds for cats

    Promising review: "I am a firm believer in the Advantage II product. We have four cats, two of which require the small cat dosage. Living in the flea capital of the world, it was just a matter of time before my fur babies got fleas. They are indoor/lanai kitties. When the fleas first hit we tried Frontline Plus. This proved to not be effective for our cats at all. We tried many natural remedies, again all of them failed. Alas, we stumbled upon Advantage II, and we have been flea-free ever since!" β€”KtK

    Price: $25.63/per month.

    7. A multi-pack of Fresh Step Multi-Cat with Febreze Freshness clumping cat litter to save you space in your home (from the five extra boxes of backup litter) and in your mind (from trying to remember when you need to head back to the store for more).


    Promising review: "After having surgery I was put on a lifting restriction of no more than 10 lbs. With four cats, lots of litter is used in my home. I ordered this product because it comes with four 8 lbs individual packages so problem solved. I have used Fresh Step for a long time because of its effectiveness, but now all I have to do is throw away the empty packets in the trash. WONDERFUL PRODUCT!" β€”L. J. Snider

    Price: $23.99/per month.

    8. An Angry Orange cat urine odor eliminator that's often the thing you don't realize you need until it's too late. But, as our cats get older, it ends up being something you can't seem to get enough of.

    A bright orange bottle of odor eliminator

    Promising review: "It works! We have an elderly male cat who had taken to using the back corner of our son's closet to urinate/mark. I tried everything to both remove the smell and to prevent him from returning to the same place. Other products removed the smell but he continued to return to that same place to mark his 'turf.' I read so many reviews and opted to give this product a try after the purchase of so many others that didn't deter him from his exploits. IT WORKS!" β€”kesha

    Price: $21.82/per month.

    9. A pack of Veken pet water fountain filters to keep your cat's water as clean as they need (and want) it to be.


    Promising review: "These are super easy to pop in and collect everything in the water β€” you should see how gross they get in two weeks. It prevents me from having to clean my cat's bowl every single day to get rid of the pink stuff at the bottom of the bowl, whatever that is. It keeps all the debris out of the water and the fountain that it's made for is virtually noise free and these are perfect fit for it. I have them on auto order!" β€”Jennifer

    Price: $17.09/per month.

    10. A bag of Hill's Science Diet, one of the most veterinary-recommended non-prescription pet food brands, that'll make it easier than ever to stay prepared to keep your kitty consistently well-nourished.


    Promising review: "Over the course of my childhood and now adulthood I've had four different cats, and each of them has been fed exclusively Science Diet. Originally, it was what the vet recommends and we went with it. Over time as I've researched what to feed my cat, I've been happy to conclude we've had it right since day one. It only occurred to me recently that maybe I could find it via Amazon Prime, and move one step closer to my goal of never making routine/mundane trips to the store again. Score!" β€”Kemilie

    Price: $36.09/per month.

    11. A box of pre-rolled Doggie Doo Good vegetable-based pet waste bags for an eco-friendly alternative to many of the other plastic baggies alternatives when it comes to cleaning litter boxes.


    Promising review: "I am reordering these. I love the biodegradable feature. The bags are tough. I don't have a dog, I use them to dispose of my kitty litter waste, which is quite heavy! One bag will take several heavy deposits and still room to tie a knot. These bags help me reduce my use of plastic, which I love. They take care of the stink and keep the litter fresh until garbage day. The price is reasonable for an environmentally-friendly product and a small family-owed company." β€”A. Walters

    Price: $8.99/per month.

    12. A box of Jonny Cat tear-resistant litter box liners to make litter box cleanup easier and tidier than ever.


    Promising review: "These are so worth it. I have asthma and can't do the litter dust, but I also have a stubborn fat cat that likes litter. These survive him, "burying" his poop for like 10 minutes at a time β€” pawing the sides and trying to drag the bag across the box. He never managed to scratch through it. And I could just lift the whole bag, toss it, and then hold my breath while I pour the litter and run away... he's happy, I can breathe, all is good." β€”Chad Addington

    Price: $2.59/per month.

    13. A Litter Genie refill dual pack for ultra-hygienic, Litter Genie-owning cat parents., Amazon

    Promising review: "Our family loves the Litter Genie systems! We have two in our home next to each of our cat litter boxes. They also make these for babies diapers. People THEY WORK! We have four cats...and if you clean your box regularly and use the Litter Genie system and refills you will never have a smelly home! I love the convenience as well. No more keeping all of those plastic bags from the store hoping there is no hold in them so you can put cat poo in them! These bags never rip no matter how heavy they become." β€”J. Olson

    Price: $14.99/per month.

    14. A catnip toy that'll keep your cat entertained and blissed out for hours at a time., Amazon

    Promising review: "We picked up a YEOWWW banana a few years back on vacation. The little boutique pet store said it was the best cat toy ever. Over the years, Lord Meowington (pictured) has gone back to the banana time and again as his favorite. But now, even better than the banana, we have the RAINBOW!!! It's perfect for bunny kicks, throwing around and overall celebrating pride in our home :). YEOWWW toys are the only cat toys you'll find in our home. Thanks for making a great product all our critters love!" β€” amberehrlich

    Price: $6.95/per month

    15. A box of Sheba pre-portioned packs of wet food to take the guesswork out of how much your cat needs to eat daily. Subscribing take the work out of calculating how many more days of food you have left in your pantry.

    Black packaging of Sheba cat food

    Promising review: "My cats love this and I like the fact that its not a large can and they leave some on the plate...with Sheba they eat the entire amount and none is wasted." β€”Kate Snull

    Price: $19.19/per month.

    16. A pack of Greenies hairball control bites that'll not only be an an investment in your cat's comfort, but in the longevity of your carpets and rugs. Reduce the amount of chemical cleaners you have to use and subscribe to hairball-treatment bites for your kitty.


    Promising review: "My 1.5-year-old Maine coon is both a walking hairball (see picture) and the pickiest eater i have ever encountered. When I give her food (high-quality wet OR dry), she typically will sniff the bowl then walk away. She AIN'T IMPRESSED no matter what. That being said, I have made it a routine for the past five months (when I adopted her from an animal shelter) to give her a little daily combo of the Greenies Hairball Control, Greenies Dental Treats, and Greenies Skin & Fur. She FREAKS OUT over these treats and comes running if I even go NEAR the area where I keep them." β€”MB

    Price: $2.22/per month.

    17. A box of Arm & Hammer litter deodorizer, because you won't want to run out of while working from home, especially if you live in a small place that leaves you in close proximity to the litter box.

    Orange Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorizer packaging

    Promising review: "How can something so cute smell so bad? Always asking this after our awesome cat does his duty. We also use the all-natural ground corn kitty litter, which, when touched by kitty's business, gross. We have tried similar products, charcoal, filters, plain baking soda, etc. β€” nothing helped. Gave this stuff a spin and I am happy to report that our Prince Puffy Paw's stink doesn't stank anymore! I used to know within ten seconds of him pottying and had to scoop, since there is no rancid smell, I have to remind myself to go scoop!" β€”Time2Buy

    Price: $2.99/per month.

    18. A catnip mouse toy trio to ensure your cat has an endless supply of toy mice to completely destroy week after week.

    Three stuffed mice catnip toys on colorful packaging

    Promising review: "My two kitties chase these, throw them in the air, and generally have a ball, losing many under furniture and in closets. Pacino does her cat version of fetch by meowing like crazy while bringing one of them to me and waiting for me to throw it, which I do. She always runs to it, sometimes just to sniff, leaving it, but she always runs back to me, with or without the mouse. I give her lots of love, telling her what a good girl she is, thus ends fetch till the next time. Cherokee and Pacino are 10-year-old brother and sister. It's so nice to see them running and jumping, having fun at their age." β€”Little Duggies

    Price: $1.97/per month.

    19. A bottle of Cosequin supplements for helping older cats with joint health and mobility.

    A white jar of cat joint health supplements

    Promising review: "I have a 20-year-old cat and this product has done wonders for her. My cat was having problems jumping and her legs would slip out from under her when she would walk. She also acted like she was in a lot of pain when petted or picked up. She quit eating her dry food, I think because it hurt to eat. This product has brought her back almost to her old self. Her legs don't splay so much, she jumps on furniture again, and races around the house. In my opinion, this is a remarkable behavior for a very senior cat. I would highly recommend trying this product." β€”Sharon K. Thompson

    Price: $17.09/per month.

    20. A box of Purina FortiFlora feline probiotic supplements to keep your cat's tummy comfortable and happy and your litter box clean-ups easy. You're not going to want to run out of this stuff.

    White packaging of cat probiotic supplements

    Promising review: "My 9-month-old kitten was having severe diarrhea and dark stool. I, of course, took him to the vet ASAP he got an initial antibiotic and was prescribed this vet said he had inflammation and maybe IBS, and OMG in less than a month he has become so much healthier, normal stool, is putting on a healthy amount of weight, much much better all-around back to his crazy kitten self, and he loves it. He eats the whole dish clean which is a full can of cat food, I am so happy I found this product and Amazon has the best price (believe me) thankful for this product" β€”LYNN M

    Price: $29.44/per month.

    21. A clear pet door flap that'll keep your front and/or back door(s) looking clean and prevent your cat from having to push through a dirty, foggy pet door to get into your tidy home., Amazon

    Promising review: "It's very refreshing to purchase a replacement part that is relatively low in cost, good quality, and can be installed quickly and easily. My hubby had this flap installed in five minutes and it fits our door perfectly. This flap is clear, whereas the original one was a translucent gray. Our dog and cat seem to like this new see-through replacement. My only regret is that I waited to order the replacement until the old flap had fallen off, so we had to endure a couple chilly days with the cold air coming inside. I ordered two so that we will have a spare. We've been using our pet door for four years and the flap needed replacing about six months before we finally bought this one." β€”DuckieDeb

    Price: $23.99/per month.

    22. A box of Fresh Step unscented clumping cat litter which contains the same odor-controlling ingredients as the with without the added smells β€” perfect for scent-sitive cat parents.

    Light blue packaging of cat litter

    Promising review: "Our cats love this Fresh Step version and so do we. The way it clumps makes cleaning the litter box so much easier. We have been using Fresh Step for years and will continue to do so." β€”Daniel

    Price: $9.89/per month.

    23. A dual pack of Tick Twister tick-removing tweezers that'll be lifesavers if you and your cat live in close proximity to the woods or if your kitty is prone to ticks. They remove the tick without pinching it or leaving behind the mouth parts, which can cause infection.

    Lime green and teal packaging of tick-removing tweezers

    Promising review: "I have to be honest. I figured this was just another 'as seen on TV' kind of product that never works as shown in the video. As soon as we got it, I pulled two ticks off my cat and one from my dog, and I was utterly shocked that the tick came right off. Barely even had to twist it! For the $6 I spent, best money EVER!" β€”iamArtsy

    Price: $10.49/per month.

    24. A pair of disposable cat scratchers, because cats seem to go through them quickly and prefer them to the expensive models you've purchased way too many of already.

    A cat sitting atop a blue and green accented scratch pad

    Promising review: "Our cat loves these things! If you want to save your leather couch or nice furniture, and can't figure out how to teach your cat not to scratch your stuff, get several of these thingsΒ β€” one in each room. They love scratching the cardboard, and they won't scratch anything else!" β€”To Protect the Innocent

    Price: $19.96/per month.

    25. An odor-removing gel refill to decant and place strategically around the house (like near the litter box or food area) to make it feel like you don't have any cats at all β€” except for the good, cuddly parts.

    A brown colored plastic jar with a black top of gel order removers

    Promising review: "[I have] multiple cats, and no matter how diligent you are cleaning their litter box, there is always a lingering smell (especially in the summer). No more with this product! Using a smaller container from the same brand and even some decorative bowls, this gel placed by the litter box and throughout the house has made the air smell clean and fresh! There is absolutely no smell from the litter box or cat food when I come home from work (when the reality of house smells seem to be the strongest). I am not kidding or exaggerating. I even bought this as a baby shower gag gift and my friend keeps the whole container near the diaper changing station and can't stop raving on how well this product works!" β€”JRAGM

    Price: $35.99/per month.

    26. A pack of Life Essentials freeze-dried chicken bites that are some of the healthiest treats you can give your cat. They're 100% human-grade little chicken cubes free of chemical preservatives.


    Promising review: "All of my kitties love these treats. We have seven cats and they all beg me for this brand treat. There is no other treat that they love quite like this." β€”Smeggy

    Price: $17.09/per month.

    27. A pack of bonito flakes which your cat would agree are a seriously healthy, seriously delicious treat for your fish fanatic feline. They're full of vitamins to promote a healthy coat and free of chemical additives.

    Clear plastic packaging of bonito flakes

    Promising review: "My cat loves these. I love listening to her little crunchy sounds as she chews the flakes. When we get to the bottom of the bag and it’s more crushed flakes I sprinkle them over her food for an added treat. She’s obsessed!" β€”Stephanie Kerner

    Price: $7.83/per month.

    28. A pack of little (non-toxic) foam soccer balls to make your cats look like little athletes while they play, bounce, and push them around.

    Tiny yellow, blue, green, and pink soccer balls

    Promising review: "Okay, all of you fellow cat lovers. If you have had a cat for more than a week, you know they never play with the toys that we want them to play with. You know, you buy the toy, bring it home, they play with it for five minutes or just look at you with that look of 'who cares.' Well I must say, this is one of my kitties favorite toys! The balls bounce all over the house and because they are very lightweight, the kitties just tap them and they go flying around. This is by far their favorite toy! If your kitty has a little play energy, I highly recommend these little soccer balls. So cute and they LOVE these!" β€”Super Paws

    Price: $7.78/per month.

    29. A waterless cat bath that's for giving smelly cats quicker (and more effective) cleanings than they may be giving themselves.


    Promising review: "Okay. My cat, despite getting bathed frequently, still manages to smell like a combination of mouth, belly button lint, and floor. I bathed her with this tonight and she smells like a spring baby. I can't stop huffing her soft head. I didn't think it was possible to love her any more, but I'm a changed man. This stuff rocks." β€” J. Ham

    Price: $6.17/per month

    30. A textured cat litter mat to catch litter and dust from your cat's paws to keep it from transferring to your carpet and furniture.


    Promising review: "Best litter mat that I have found. Traps litter very well keeping my house clean and litter free and it is very easy to clean. My cats love the soft texture of the mat and it’s built well while still being safe for their claws. Looks great and is the best size mat for the price. Edit: I just washed these for the first time (three months later) and I can’t believe the amount of nastiness that these mats have kept out of my carpet!! And the amount of litter they held onto! My cats are litter kickers and they really put these to the test and they pass every single time. The only litter mats that I will ever recommend to anyone. You won’t be sorry if you buy these." β€”Amazon Customer

    Price: $15.57/per month.

    31. A box of Litter Champ refill liners that'll make it so you never run out of plastic bags to line your little litter trash can with.

    White and purple box of cat refill liners

    Promising review: "The Litter Champ is basically a kitty diaper pail and so far I like the design. It's easy to use and the "double door" system does a great job of keeping odors at bay (especially if you drop a little baking soda in the bag). The continuous bag system is easy to use and the built-in 'cutter' cuts the bag in one swipe making litter cleaning quick and easy. It is all plastic and thus lightweight with a 'foot' operated flip-up lid. It doesn't take up a whole lot of floor space and it comes with a plastic scoop that hangs on the side." β€”Donna OBrian

    Price: $19.50/per month.

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