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    The 10 Most Outrageous Patrice Wilson Videos Of All Time

    The "mastermind" behind hits such as Friday and Chinese Food has other songs and artists too! Here are the cream of the crop from his Youtube channel...

    10. #FANIUM Fantasy Football

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    The only commercial of all the videos, #FANIUM is an actual app available for purchase on iTunes! It's also one of the only videos that doesn't have a kid as a lead. Clearly a fantasy football app is the perfect chick magnet, thanks Patrice! While the video is ridiculous, it lacks the wackiness required for a higher ranking...although they do make some poor middle school kids cry.

    9. Griffin Tucker-Girlfriend

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    Griffin appears to have a crowd of teenage cougars smitten with his 10-year-old rockstar status...

    8. Ellie Soufi- Hysterical

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    If I had to guess, I'd say the Queen of England probably doesn't listen to Ark music. I'm all for the British invasion (Helllooo 1D) but when Patrice tries to cash in on it, it makes me Hysterical. I feel your pain girl. Although, props for the dancing Ellie- it saved you from a higher ranking!

    7. Asterino Sisters- Quit Playing Games

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    Oh Asterino girls this is a hot mess. The vocal/rapping talent (like most Patrice productions) is questionable and the producer/pimp guy serves no purpose whatsoever. Also, pretty sure throwing a bunny in the air like that is animal cruelty.

    6. Patrice Wilson- Happy

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    In this prequel to Friday, Patrice himself addresses all the haters. So many people insult Patrice that it seems more like a documentary than a music video. But Patrice is h-a-p-p-y with what he's doing and shows no plans of slowing down soon...

    5. Tweenchronic-Skip Rope

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    Before our girl Alison Gold went solo she was part of a duo! Where's Stacey these days? Some kid with a fake mustache poses as a pretty shady "candy dealer" and other kids are coming from all around the block for their Pixy-Stix fix! Alison and Stacy also experiment with some brown paper bagged Arizona tea. Hugs not drugs Alison!

    4. Alison Gold - Chinese Food

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    Our girl Alison is back, this time to pursue a solo career! Alison parties with a panda Patrice (Where are the adults during these videos?!) and praises wonton soup. The subtitles change languages about every measure and I wouldn't be surprised if Patrice revealed it was Google translate.

    3. Nicole Westbrook - It's Thanksgiving

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    It's Thanksgiving, and to show his festiveness, Patrice dresses up like a turkey and eats a turkey leg (cannibalism!) He also pops up really creepily during his cameo. Nicole enlightened us with a rap, and if that video taught me anything, I realized how thankful I was when it was over.

    2. Alison Gold - ABCDEFG

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    We learned the holidays and the days of the week, so it only makes sense we learn our alphabet! ABCDEFG is the prequel to Chinese food, but it clearly beats the later. This is by far Patrice's creepiest role- and there were many! As "Mister Wilson" he tells AGold to "get in the van", takes her to a club and spikes her drink which causes her to have hallucinations about puppets (!). If that wasn't enough, he turns her crush into a plate of Chinese food which Alison then eats (more cannibalism!)...sigh

    1. Friday - Rebecca Black

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    For obvious reasons...

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