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12 Things You Know To Be True If Your Dog Runs Your Life

There are some things that all pet owners who are ruled by their dogs just understand.

1. This is your sleeping situation:

You're fine with it as long as you don't think about how your bed buddy totally walks around outside without any shoes on.

2. Dinner is served promptly at 7 p.m.

"Pardon me, it is 7:01. What the heck is going on?"

3. Your dog gets a little piece of whatever you're eating.

Look at that face! How can I resist?

4. Working from home looks like this:

It's fine. I've become a master of making a spreadsheet with one hand.

5. If you have a free hand, and it's not petting your dog, you are in trouble.

Any moment not spent petting your dog is a moment wasted.

6. When they misbehave and you have to reprimand them, you feel so bad about it that you have to sit down in the bathroom and collect yourself after.

You can't pee on the carpet (but please don't be mad at me — I love you so much)!

7. When you have to go out of town and leave them behind, they give you this face.

And suddenly, you find yourself rearranging all your plans so you never have to leave the house again.

8. They have more clothes in their wardrobe than you do.

Via Instagram: @zsazsagabork

It's important to have a ~look~ for all occasions.

9. Your life revolves around walk times.

"Sorry, guys, gotta get home. If I'm more than five minutes late to walk my dog, she puts me in time out."

10. Your dog has a special spot on the couch.

And sometimes that spot is the entire couch, and you have to sit on the floor.

11. When you actually have to leave the house, you leave your computer playing wildlife videos for your pup so they don't get too bored.

He won't miss me too much if his stories are on.

12. And you know Bath Day means turning your home into a one-stop doggie spa.

Yes, I love to spend my evening giving my dog a blowout while my own hair looks like the nest of a very unhealthy bird.

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