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    20 Of The Most Ridiculous Outfits The Halliwell Sisters Wore On "Charmed"

    Why wear a whole shirt when you can wear half of one?

    1. When Prue just rocked a cardigan over her bare chest.

    2. The '90s-est look that's ever happened.

    3. This culturally insensitive everyday Pocahontas costume.

    4. There is...a lot going on here.

    5. Prue's definition of work-appropriate.

    6. What you wear when you're well on your way to becoming Queen of the Underworld.

    7. When Phoebe heard the call of the sea.

    8. When your Whitelighter tells you you need to wear a bra to effectively fight demons.

    9. The most perfect Cinderella costume ever to exist.

    10. Paige wearing a normal outfit...

    11. This boho-chic look:

    12. Piper's Coyote Ugly moment.

    13. These superhero costumes:

    14. A fantastic yeti sweater.

    15. Have you ever seen a boatneck jean jacket?

    16. It's always the right time for a head-to-toe leather ensemble.

    17. Is this really what Mata Hari would have worn in 2004?

    18. Why not take a perfectly normal shirt and put puffballs on it?

    19. Prue's crime boss ensemble.

    20. I am so disturbed by this.