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'The Bachelor' Season 20 Drinking Game You've Secretly Been Waiting For

Because we all need an excuse to binge drink on Monday nights while watching Ben Higgins fall in love with someone other than you.

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Take a sip when...


-Ben kisses a contestant.

-Lace says the 'C' word (The word is 'crazy'... get your head out of the gutter).

-A pre rose ceremony rose is given out.

-The contestants choose to fight with each other over Ben.

-Ben says 'thank you' or 'I appreciate it.'

Take a gulp when...


-The girls begin to clap or scream for no apparent reason.

-Anyone says 'amazing.'

-The twins are interviewed together.

-Chris Harrison says 'coming up next.'

-Anyone complains about Lace or Olivia.

Finish your drink when...


-A contestant is seen crying.

-A contestant drops the infamous 'L' word.

-There's a hot tub scene.

-Becca or Amber mention how they've 'been through this before.'

-The final rose is given out.

Take a shot when...


-Ben is seen shirtless.

-Olivia opens that horrendous mouth of hers.

-Lace has a full blown breakdown.

If you're really trying to get drunk take a shot every time Olivia manages to piss you off.

You're welcome.

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