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Which Holiday House Member Are You?

Top 4 answers are on the board.

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  1. It's Friday night, where can you be found?

    The Riff
    out of state
    Cove Bar
    Netflix and chill
  2. Dinnertime! What are you eating?

    A frozen meal
    Lanta Thai
    Taco Bell
    Something from Postmates
  3. What will you be doing this summer?

    clubbing in Ibiza
    summer camp, duh
    interning (hopefully)
  4. What's your go-to karaoke song?

    Ice Ice Baby
    All Star
    Billie Jean
    Sweet Caroline
  5. What are you binge watching on Netflix?

    One Tree Hill
    Criminal Minds
    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Tangled: The Series
  6. Who's your celebrity crush?

    Jason Bateman
    President Struppa
    Michael Buble
    Harry Styles
  7. What's your favorite movie?

    Rent (the musical)
    We Bought a Zoo
    Back to the Future 2
  8. What's your favorite game show?

    Family Feud
    Family Feud
    Family Feud
    Family Feud

Which Holiday House Member Are You?

You got: Bonnie

Yeehaw! You LOVE all things country, film, and Matt Damon. You can be found at Drybar, SoulCycle, or Whataburger when you're not casually skiing in Aspen. Your social media game is probably on point and we'll be sure to remember you when you're a famous producer.

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You got: Kelsi

Congrats, you're HELLA cool! When you're not working with kids, you can be found at a concert, Taco Bell, or The Riff. You make sure everyone knows that you studied abroad in London. Your true loves are Lin Manuel Miranda, Harry Styles, and nail polish as dark as your soul. Career aspirations: professional groupie.

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You got: Sam

Good morning! If you're reading this it's probably at least 12pm. You like to start your day off by finding a nice batch of memes to send to your boyfriend, Palmer. You often find yourself wishing you lived in the 80's, but Dean Price gives George Michael a run for his money. Career goals include Maxxinista, Lean Cuisine sponsor, or Abercrombie brand representative.

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You got: Kyra

Congrats, you weren't Chopped! When you aren't drooling over Guy Fieri on the Food Network, you can be found trying/Yelping a new hip dessert shop in Orange County (gluten free only of course!). Your most frequented locations are Disneyland, the wine section of Grocery Outlet, and the APE house. All the guys on Bumble are swiping right on you ;)

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