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10 Signs You're Graduating From The College Of Education

Graduation is this weekend, and we are so excited for all of our #EduGatorGrads. Here are some signs that you're graduating from the College of Education because let's be honest, you're going to miss good ole' Norman Hall.

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1. You're feeling ~nostalgic~. You almost feel like a freshman again the way you're treasuring Norman's endearing quirks.

You're thinking about your last walks through the courtyard and how much you're going to miss studying in the library, attending class and just being a student.

2. You've got mad love for everyone in your cohort. You're going to miss them, but you know you'll stay in touch.

Done teaching these amazing @UF_COE graduate students-thanks for an amazing semester! Cohort in heart formation cau…

(maybe you've been sending a lot of heart eyes in your group chats)

3. Your professors have become your friends, and you cherish all the moments you've spent with them.

Be sure to take pictures with your favorite professors before you graduate! (or even at graduation like this one)

4. You finally decided how you're going to decorate your grad cap and can't wait for everyone to see it.

If you share pics of you grad cap on social media be sure to tag UF_COE or hashtag #EduGatorGrad.

6. Maybe you're thinking about making friendship bracelets with all your BFFs because you're just so happy you met so many amazing people during your time in college.

7. You remind yourself about all the great things you've done during school: classes, interning, research, and volunteering were all just part of your average day.

8. You might have had some senioritis this year but then remembered that you had to stay focused (even when some of your friends in other majors didn't) because you're an educator and #SchoolisLife.

9. It's a bit nerve-racking to think in just a few days you'll be wearing your cap and gown and walking across the O'Connell Center stage...

10. You're a mix of excited, nervous, happy, and sad for the end of school and the beginning of your future. Whether that be teaching, grad school or any other opportunities, we know you'll find success and happiness!

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