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    17 Unhinged Screenshots Of Wild Customers Wreaking Havoc On Employees Who Are Just Trying To Make It Home From Work In One Piece

    "Side of toast. No bread." Um, sure! Coming right up!

    As someone who spent many (too many) years being personally victimized by the horrors of the customer service industry, I can confirm with 100% confidence that the phrase "The customer is always right!" is coated in so many layers of irony that it's only ever said as a joke. Here are 17 screenshots that will make you question if the customer has ever actually been right:

    1. Step aside, "Baby shoes. Never worn." Make way for "Side toast. No Bread."

    Butter on a receipt

    2. This real-life "No, this is Patrick" moment:

    by far the worst Pizza Hut in Brisbane

    3. This customer who looked their server dead in the eyes and uttered the words, "I want my chicken not fully cooked."

    "Not fully cooked"

    4. I just know this customer would say something to the effect of, "How hard can it be to make a simple pizza?!?"

    "Half deep dish and the other half regular. Thank you."

    5. This customer who didn't realize that they were both complimenting and insulting this employee:

    "Some customer on the phone was saying i was very helpful and way better than the person he was speaking to yesterday who was also me"

    6. Trying to decipher how to make this tuna melt order is actually, ironically, melting my brain:

    "Has seafood allergy"

    7. If you thought "seafood allergy tuna melt" was bad, prepare yourself for "vegan salmon":

    "Make it vegan"

    8. This customer who left a bad review because they simply couldn't believe the store that closes at 5 p.m. had the nerve, the gall, and the sheer audacity to close at 5 p.m. 😡

    "I go to the door at 5:04 and its locked."

    9. This customer who is FURIOUS about being offered something *checks notes* for free?!

    "Do you tell them you have broken pieces, and they can have it for free?"

    10. This customer who invented a whole new way to have your eggs by requesting them "sunny side up with the yolks on the side":

    Eggs with the yolks separated

    11. "The customer is always right" apparently means they're correct when it comes to deciding the price of menu items:


    12. People not knowing what a bayleaf is just might be my favorite kind of complaint:

    "I'm guessing you've never seen bay leaves in your food before?"

    13. Like, it gets me every single time:

    a leaf with sauce on it

    14. This interaction would break me. I'd be in the fetal position in the walk-in freezer for the rest of my shift:

    "We did cook her steak up and could not make her happy. We have no idea what she wants."

    15. This customer who maaaaybe should have pulled out the calculator before going off like this:

    "I'd redo your math."

    16. This customer who complained about floors, a universally hard surface, being a hard surface:

    "The floors are too hard."

    17. And finally, this one-star review from someone who's upset they couldn't haggle their way into cheaper rent:

    "They told me the rent was 900 but when I offered 800 dollars they persisted on telling me that was 900!!!"