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    I’m Fascinated By This Woman's Sleep Routine That Looks Like She’s Being Held Hostage, So I Had To Try It Out

    Once I saw @HannahChody bust out the silk sleep mask and mouth tape, I knew I had to try out her sleep routine for myself.

    Living in this dumpster fire of a world, it can be a biiit challenging to actually relax from the stress of a normal day and get some solid rest when nighttime rolls around. I'll lay there with eyes closed, just waiting for sleep to come, but then all I do is think about every bad thing that's ever happened. So, although I should be winding down to sleep — I end up winding myself up instead by mindlessly scrolling through my phone for hours. When it's suddenly 3 a.m., I just know my sleep-deprived self will be full of rage and regret in the morning.

    A woman under blanket and holding phone that's illuminating her face in the dark

    Luckily for me, during one of my recent nightly doom-scrolls, I came across a viral TikTok from content creator @HannahChody that spoke to my sleepy soul. She talks about her sleep routine that her husband described as looking like she's "being held hostage," and to that she says, "Fair, but it's the best sleep ever." I was super intrigued and had a strong feeling she was onto something here!

    Via TikTok: @HannahChody / Via

    In the video, which has been viewed over 7.5 million times, Hannah shows viewers her full routine, complete with each crucial item needed for restful slumber — starting with her sound machine:

    A close-up of the sound machine with text that says "In the video, she plays 'stormy seas' from her sound machine and says 'That's the best sound ever!'"

    Next (and my personal favorite part) is mouth tape, which is definitely the main contributing factor in looking like a hostage:

    Hannah holding a piece of clear tape that goes over the mouth

    For luxury, light deprivation, and to avoid wrinkles, she puts on a silk sleep mask:

    Hannah holding a silk sleep mask

    Next, we have the "sleep crown" that she lays over her face, aka her light- and sound-blocking pillow:

    hand pointing to soft pillow with text that says "this magical and extremely soft contraption called the 'sleep crown'"

    Lastly, she completes the ritual by lying down on two pillows stacked on top of each other and gets comfy:

    woman laying down with text that says "sound machine, sleep mark, sleep crown, mouth tape, two pillows, nighty night" with check marks beside each word

    Before I tried holding myself hostage by taping my own mouth shut in the name of better sleep, I did a deep dive into the one question that everyone had right away:

    TikTok comment that says "What is mouth tape? Why would that be used? Serious question - I've never heard of it"
    TikTok comment that says "I just want to know what's the mouth tape for? like how does taping your mouth closed = deep sleep? someone explain plz"
    TikTok comment that says "I'm scared to tape my mouth...what if my nose gets clogged"

    To find out more about this, I reached out to Dr. Kristina Wolf. Dr. Kristina replied, "She's actually not wrong! There are many benefits to mouth taping. Mouth taping is something I recommend to patients for the reasons she's stated, [as well as] for a whole slew of other reasons.

    "It promotes nasal breathing. The nose is our organ for breathing. To skim the surface, nasal breathing is important as it warms, moisturizes, humidifies, and filters the air we breathe. When we breathe air through the nose, it stimulates the release of nitric oxide from our sinuses that surround the nasal cavity. This creates dilation of the blood vessels, which therefore reduces blood pressure, increases the area for gas exchange, as well as acting as a potent defender against pathogens."

    A person sleeping under the covers

    With the doctor's green light, it was time for me to try it out! I got all of my supplies ready to go:

    I got the star of the show, the mouth tape, all ready to go:

    But I moved forward with shaky confidence:

    In the wise words of Gwenyth Paltrow: "And there we go. It's time for me to get in bed."

    Now that I had my sound machine playing in the background, mouth tape on, and eye mask all set — it was time for my makeshift sleep crown to bring it all together in sleepy harmony.

    And you guys...I fell asleep almost instantly.

    woman sleeping under blanket and pillow with text that says "hostage status successfully achieved" and "lol nighty night"

    Getting intentional about my sleep habits definitely helped me get a better night of rest. I woke up feeling noticeably more refreshed, tossed and turned way less because I was sooo comfy and cozy, and snoozed my alarm only twice instead of my normal six times. I will be doing this again and recommending it to all my sleepy friends too!

    A huuuge shoutout to @HannahChody for changing my sleep routine for the better! If you'd like to keep up with her lifestyle tips and tricks, you can follow her on TikTok.

    What did you think about this sleep routine? Do you have any quirky sleep routine habits that may seem a little odd but are actually blessings in disguise? Let us know in the comments!