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    18 Screenshots From Apartments That Supposedly Had "Amenities" But Actually Just Had "The Audacity"

    Thanks! I hate it!

    If you've ever rented an apartment or a home, then you know the pain of having no choice but to pay so much for so little. Landlords have the audacity to show off simple features of a 450-square-foot dystopia as if it's a gilded mansion. They're really pushing the limits on what qualifies as the absolute bare minimum for living conditions.

    real estate agent showing a person an apartment with blood splattered on the wall

    Here are 18 pictures from tenants that fully demonstrate the horrors:

    1. There's an in-unit washer and dryer that has some slight cosmetic damage, but you'll hardly notice.

    a completely damaged and wrecked washer

    2. This thoughtful landlord who made sure the walls had a fresh coat of paint for move-in day.

    thermostat is painted over

    3. This landlord who provided a fresh coat of paint AND pest control all at once? Innovation!

    spiders that were painted over

    4. This unit comes with a rare lowercase kitchen.

    a sink and shelves are in the closet

    5. If I had to pay $145 a month for an AC unit, I'd be trading my heat sweats for stress sweats and end up just as sweaty as I started.

    message to propose the monthly fee

    6. This apartment complex has a lovely (and possibly radioactive) swimming pool for their guests.

    pool is a bright green color

    7. They said the apartment would come with a fire extinguisher, but they forgot to mention that's only because it has squatter's rights.

    dates on the tag are from 2000 to 2002

    8. So nice of the landlord to care about your comfort.

    the toilet seat is the soft cushion one

    9. Crying at the thought of washing my dishes and doing my skincare routine at the same time.

    listing says bathroom sink doubles as a kitchen sink

    10. Don't forget to pay your monthly fee for state of the art valet trash services.

    large pile of trash where a dumpster should be

    11. This apartment raised the rent to "account for amenities," meanwhile their microwaves are old enough to buy alcohol:

    manufactured in 1994

    12. A delightful two story home with a staircase that should have stayed in the drafts.

    stairs look like a game of tetris

    13. The chipper tone of this email from a leasing office telling tenants they're proactively looking for reasons to tow their cars really adds insult to injury.

    email that they're excited to announce a towing company will be looking for expired tags and more to tow cars out

    14. Rent is going up by 64%, but thank the (land)lord if I act fast, I can save an entire 3%.

    letter of rent increase

    15. Please enjoy your kitchen! But DON'T you DARE season A THING.

    message forbidding people from using spices in their foods due to smell

    16. Take a nice dip in your hot tub that's been luxuriously converted into a Dirt Bath™.

    hot tub filled with dirt

    17. $3,650 for 300 square feet, but luckily an included amenity is that I can bring my own dog.

    the online listing

    18. And finally, this tasteful little cottage that includes outdoor seating.

    a port-a-potty in the backyard