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"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" GIFs That Perfectly Describe Being A Single Twenty Something Female

“We’re the strong ones, and you can’t break us.”

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When you go out on a first date and realize you've totally forgotten how to flirt

When every little thing about life stresses you out so much that a good night's sleep is a thing of the past

When you have to start paying rent and bills on a part-time salary

When you don't understand the young kids' slang anymore

When TV dinners become a staple because you don't know how to cook

When you start doing taxes and you wish you would've payed more attention in math class

When you actually have to start exercising because your metabolism isn't what it used to be

When you realize that living in the big city actually equates to living in a shoebox

When you don't have any money leftover from your paycheck for your phone bill

When you try to navigate your life, but you're totally unprepared for adulthood

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