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    19 Things That Decapitate Tall People

    Some people think tall people have all the luck. But here are 19 things that prove it's an obstacle filled world out there for tall people.

    1. Trees

    2. Signs

    3. Doorways

    4. Shower Heads

    5. Mirrors

    6. Bird Feeders

    7. Travel Obstacles

    8. Underpasses

    9. Hanging Plants

    10. Staircases

    11. Umbrellas

    12. Light Fixtures

    13. Chandeliers

    14. Caution Bars

    15. Wind Chimes

    16. Store Displays

    17. Art

    18. Food Trucks

    19. Booths

    Tall people might need a hug for all their tall people problems sometimes.

    Or maybe an ice pack.