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The Five Stages Of Cracking Your Phone Screen

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Phones are the most useful and annoying things in your life but we just can't live life without them. Sometimes your phone just breaks and here are the five stages of grief associated with it:



Hoping that your phone will miraculously survive getting dropped for the 100th time. Although this time you dropped from five feet in the air and on concrete.



Realizing that your phone is no longer a pristine beautiful device and you will eventually need to get it fixed.



Trying to figure out how to make your phone work with a cracked screen by continuing to use it until shards of glass fall out, making the phone unusable. These shards will inevitably end up in your thumb while you are snap chatting your best friend.



This part is the hardest! Finding a place to fix your phone as well as coming to terms with the fact breaking the phone was an avoidable mistake.



Getting your fixed phone back and being able to tinder once again

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