9 Sexy And Alluring Reasons To Eat More Vegetables

A lettuce oriented seduction.

1. Vegetables Help with Circulation, Keeping Blood Flowing to All the Right Places

Lettuce get together soon, hmm?

2. They Reduce the Risk of Getting Several Diseases

So you don’t worry about yourself literally having a stroke during.

3. Vitamin E Rich Vegetables Prevent Essential Fatty Acids from Cell Oxidation (Aging)

Because she’s just so steamy.

4. Eating More Vegetables can Increase Carotenoid Levels, Making Skin Glow

Just pout.

5. They Help Keep You Energized For Strenuous Activity

“I wonder if tap dancers walk into a room, look at the floor, and think ‘I’d tap that.’”

6. They Are a Low Calorie, High Vitamin Food

No corset squeeze required.

7. Onions and Garlic Contain L-Arginine, a Natural Amino Acid that Increases Sex Drive

She can back it up.

8. Some, like Broccoli and Peppers, help Boost Metabolism

She knows everybody’s looking.

9. Green Vegetables Contain Several Vitamins that Help Reduce Stress

Someone just DRAW her, jeez.

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