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9 Painful Symptoms Of Your Gluten-Free Faze

I hear it makes you feel SOOOO amazing. You know, if you don't ever want to be HAPPY again.

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1. You Literally Would Rather Eat a Bagel Than Breathe

2. You Have Spasms of Cray Cray Like Hot Flashes.


For the love of all that is holy, buy some friggin Valium.

3. You Sniff Out Food Like You Just Came Out of Fucking Hybernation

4. You Go To A Potluck and Bring the Most Gluten-ous Thing Out There, Just To Touch It


5. You're Officially Annoying Because Nobody Can Take You To Eat Anywhere

6. You Don't Like Cake, But You Want It


It's so close, and yet so. far. away.

7. You're SO Angry


You're sweating all the time.

8. Eventually You Eat A Giant Bowl of Pasta


It's literally the best thing that's ever been in your mouth.

9. And You Feel Like


And never go back.

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