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26 iPhone Covers For Your Closet Selves

An alphabetic collection of iPhone covers that satisfy your multiple-personality disorder.

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1. The Assassin

2. The Beauty

3. The Curio

4. The Dreamer

5. The Epicure

6. The Fantabulistic

7. The Guardian

8. The High-ering Manager

9. The Idiot Savant

10. The Jezebel

11. The Killer

12. The Loner

13. The Mad Scientist

14. The Nostalgic

15. The Odd One Out

16. The Phantom

17. The Quiet Observer

18. The Rascal

19. The Snafu

20. The Tawdry

21. The Undefeated

22. The Visionary

23. The Womanizer

24. The X-traordinary

25. The Young and the Restless

26. The Zany

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