18 Types Of Epic Bathroom Graffiti

Because we all like to have something to read.

1. The Family Effort

And amazing.

2. The Well Wisher

Very helpful. They even left some air fresheners.

3. The Philosopher

So I don’t need to be concerned about the water on the floor, right?

4. The Had to Happen


5. The Professor


6. The Know-It-All

Some teacher sat down on a toilet and had the best day ever.

7. The Activist

To wipe the seat.

8. The Comic/The Realist/The Heretic

For the awesome, this is funny.
For the practical, this is true.
For the squeamish, perhaps a little sacrilege.
Or nasty.
Pick one.

9. The Bro-tivator

Because this is something that you can be good at.

10. The Joker

He looks terrified. Can you blame him?

11. The Advisor

The best/worst friend ever.

12. The Playful

This is a public bathroom. Let’s keep it clean people.

13. The Cheerful

Depending on your mood, this is either lovely and charming or horribly, horribly depressing.

14. The Resourceful Artist

Someone just HAD to make everybody’s day.

15. The Best Ever

Written to renew all confidence in the human condition.

16. The Creeper

Just add “AND WE ARE WAITING.” Um, awkward.

17. The A-dork-able


18. The Master

Via pul.se

This takes bathroom to a whole new experience.

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