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18 Translations From A Strait Girl's Guide To Grindr Lingo

Because everybody keeps laughing at you when you say that you've done a lot of 'traveling.'

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1. "Looking"

Translation: Looking to bone someone.

2. "Hosting"

Translation: Come to mine (and we can get it on).

3. "Traveling"

Translation: I'll come to you (to get it on).

4. "Into?"

Translation: Into what kind of thing, sexually?

5. "iTop", "Top Shelf", "Big Spoon"

Translation: Top; prefers to be the penetrator.

6. "iBottom", "Bttm", "Small Spoon"

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Translation: Bottom; prefers to be penetrated.

7. "Vers"

Translation: open to being either a top or a bottom.

8. "Total Top", "Total Bottom"

Translation: Will only be a top, bottom.

9. "VGL"

Translation: Very Good Looking

10. "Masc/Fem"

Translation: A masculine or feminine type guy.

11. "M4M"

Translation: Masculine guy looking for another masculine guy.

12. "ParTy"

Translation: Into meth. Woot woot?

13. "PNP"

Translation: Play and Party - Sex and drugs, mostly meth.

14. "Raw," "BB"

Translation: Bareback; sex without a condom.

15. "DL"

Translation: Down low, discreet, in the closet, possibly married.

16. "FTM"

Translation: Female to male transgender person.

Translation: Female to male transgender person.

17. "Vanilla"

Translation: Into cuddling or affection.

18. "Poz"

Translation: HIV Positive

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