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    18 Creepy Pregnancy Pictures That Will Make You Happy You Aren't Giving Birth

    Is your biological clock ticking? Shut that sh*t off now.

    1. This guy is ready to protect what's his. And she's into it.

    2. There are no words for this besides terrifying.

    3. Ditto.

    4. They should probably move their heads...

    5. Were they supposed to be in the picture or were they just mooching off this kid?

    6. Pregnant go-go dancer? What?

    7. What's going on there?

    8. Bad life choice.

    9. Why? Just why?

    10. Are you going to mug me, or...?

    11. Just... what happened?

    12. The new playboy bunny.

    13. I know tires make me think of the miracle of life.

    14. Her kid is never going to get that image out of his head.

    15. There's one for the fridge.

    16. Haha you see what we did?

    17. This is just terrifying.

    18. The most accurate representation of what you will look like by the time you have kids.