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15 Misconceptions You Get As A Kick Ass Math Major

I wish you were my derivative so I could lie tangent to your curves.

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1. You Look Like This

2. You Deal with Numbers

By the time you hit upper division math, not really.

3. You've Never Boned

And may not until you own a tech company.

And may not until you own a tech company.

4. You Think This is Funny

Ok, that might be true.

Ok, that might be true.

5. You're Thoughts Resemble Normal People's Thoughts while High

Also true.

Also true.

6. You Talk Fast About Things People Don't Understand or Care About

And don't know when to stop.

7. You Use Math In Arguments

And you know, WIN.

And you know, WIN.

8. You Can't Write for Shit

9. You Have No Social Skills

And if you do, you work at a tech company as a programmer who chugs orange soda.

10. You do Everything by Hand

Except calculations are widely done by computer.

11. You Are Super Pasty

And fear any space that does not have a white board. Like you legit carry Expo pens in your bag.

12. You are Super Oblivious

At 1:30 AM you walk out of your dorm room thinking that you have class. Half dressed.

13. You Frequent Sci-Fi Conventions

Or Board Game conventions. Possibly Ren-Fair but it probably makes no sense to you whatsoever.

14. You're Really Smart

Except if somebody asks you about painting. Then you're an idiot.

15. You are Out of Touch with Reality

Mostly because half of the things on this list are not misconceptions.

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