15 Halloween Get-Ups That You Wish You’d Thought Of

The adorable. The wonderful. The oh so very awkward.

1. Oh MAMA!!

And to think, she thought Mom was saving those pearls for her!

2. He Told Them He Wanted to Be A Trojan Horse This Year

And they couldn’t remember what the hell that was.

3. Old McDonald Had An Alarm Farm


4. This Didn’t Go How He Pictured It

Fondling Adam… Eve and son are looking a little freaked.

5. Nothing Says Halloween Like Sexy Armor

Does he look scared? I’d be a little scared.

6. Cutest Costumes Ever. WIN.

Oh that’s right…. I AM awesome.

7. Pray This is a Halloween Costume!

No excuses.

8. Wow… Just WOW.

Bunny drag? Oh honey, you’ve done it again!

9. Do you know what would be awesome?

If we ever get that hair dye out of the kids’ hair.

10. Awww… Your Little Pumpkin.

Oh you!

11. We Have the Worst/Best Mom Ever

So when am I getting the fries?

12. She Didn’t Think She Needed to See This

And then she saw it burned on her eyelids for the rest of her life.

13. What Do You Want to Be For Halloween, Honey?

What?? I’ll have a BLT.

14. What Would Possibly Be the Comment Here?

When in doubt, go with your gut?

15. His Mom Thought He Looked Adorable

In Grandpa’s shirt.

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