14 Photos That Tell The Story Of Twilight Better Than The Original

Poor Bella Needs to Express Herself.

1. Bella and Her Mom Live Together

And she’s oh so happy in the desert of Phoenix.

2. Bella Moves to Live with Her Dad

In freezing cold Washington. She’s not into it.

3. Bella Doesn’t Fit in At her New School

She can’t even crack a smile (Bella only has one facial expression).

4. A Sexy Stranger Emerges

He likes animals.

5. But He Seems Like a Creep

And not in a good way.

6. In Fact, His Whole Family Seems a Little Off


7. But Edward Tries to Protect Her

And he is serious about that shit.

8. Bella Realizes He Is a Vampire

And she freaks out for about two minutes before retreating into her normal muted expression.

9. They Fall In Love

Against a rock.

10. Edward’s Family and Bella Engage in Some Recreation

But it doesn’t go as planned.

11. Bella is Threatened by Another Covent of Three

So she attempts to run away to Arizona.

12. Bella is Terrified

Or, you know, as much as she can be.

13. Edward and His Family Save Bella

And go almost unscathed from the experience apart from the broody emotional scarring.

14. Edward and Bella Go To Prom

And its a blast.

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