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13 Signs You Have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Burning in Hell is sounding better and better, if just for the heat.

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1. You've Started Eating Everything


Mixed together.

2. You Are Totally Uninterested in Everybody Else's Life


Oh you went to Aruba? Oh that's nice (I KNEW I NEVER LIKED YOU!).

3. You Have Binge-Watched Every Show on Netflix

4. In Your House, Because you Are Now A Shut-In

5. Every Other Day You Decide You are Moving


To California. Or Arizona. Or like, fucking Aruba.

6. You're Currently in A Committed Relationship with Your Bed

7. You Own This

SAD lamp.

SAD lamp.

8. You Have Permanent PMS


9. You Have Taken Layering to a Whole New Dimension

10. You've Started Crying at Car Commercials

11. You Constantly Question Your Life Choices


Should I really be dating that douche? I do kind of hate my job… Ugh, I should just scrap this entire life I've set up and start over.

12. You've Had a Cold for Three Months


Your body is totally incapable of handling winter.

13. Basically, This is How You Feel ALL the Time

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