12 Signs Your Coworker Has Been Hitting The Sauce

Things to watch out for.

1. He Starts Doing Weird(er) Shit

Like eating every bagel anywhere.

2. He’s a Bit Testier than Usual

Because he hates everything.

3. She’s Attempting to Pass Fat Pants as Work Pants

And you wish you’d thought of that.

4. She’s Eating Anything that Resembles Eggs

And if you try to interrupt her, you’re gonna get an earful.

5. His Eyes are So Red-Rimmed, He Looks Like He Just Lit A Doobie At His Desk

And you’re pissed he didn’t share.

6. She’s Pretending to Work While She Chugs Gatorade

So refreshing…

7. He’s Sneakily Chain Smoking in the Bathroom

And he doesn’t smoke.

8. She Can’t Stop Yawning

And sometimes it gets awkward.

9. He’s Still Wearing The Same Outfit as Yesterday

You’re confused.

10. He Can’t Listen to Anybody Talk About their Weekend

Hearing the word “vodka” prompts a trip to the bathroom.

11. She’s Downing Advil at Regular Intervals


12. He Can’t stop Walking Into Walls

Or falling down stairs.

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