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11 Foods Americans Eat That Should Be Abolished

That shit is nasty.

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1. Gefilte Fish... Oh Manichewitz!


Typically eaten exclusively by older people, this food smells like old eggs and heartbreak. It tastes even worse.*

*Hey! I got the same thing for my Bat Mitzvah! A jelled, fishy jar of terror.

5. Cream of Celery Soup: Celery Flavored Despair


Hot cream, tinted with that delectably earthy flavor of celery, cream of celery soup often comes served with a skin on top, no flavor, and an overwhelming sense of shame.

11. Cheesy Ham and Banana Casserole, by Paula Deen


Does this need a comment?

If so, Food Network Humor has this description: "It’s a nasty combination of ham, bananas, bacon, cheese, and potato chips sandwiched between soggy, eggy slices of white bread. And rumor has it that if you can actually swallow one bite down, you’ll instantly get Type II Diabetes."

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