Places You Need To Go, Animals You Need To See

See some animals, go to some places instead of going to the zoo, and love life.

1. Mexican Walking Fish

One of the most fascinating fish I have seen, and obviously they are from Mexico. They can stay out of water for long periods unlike most fish. Go to Mexico and see this interesting fish.

Lover’s Beach, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

3. The Jaguar

Found in South America all the way to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Go to those wonderful places and see the jaguar. Really beautiful animals, the baby ones are adorable.

Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States

5. The Hoatzin

This bird can be found in the amazon, along with a lot of other cool animals. It most likely would be found in a swamp area. Go explore the amazon to find this colorful bird.

7. The Red Panda

Found in Southwest China or the Himalayas. They are territorial animals, but are incredibly cool looking so take a picture from a distance.

9. The Sloth

These are found in the jungles of Central and South America. Go explore the jungle and see the sloth. It is so weird looking that it’s cute.


Central America

11. Proboscis monkey

These are found on the island of Borneo. It, obviously, is easy to point out by its large nose. Go see Borneo and see the Proboscis monkey.

Indonesia, Island of Borneo

13. Frilled Neck Dragon

Found in Australia. These creatures will push the frills upward when scared. Go explore the wonderful country of Australia to see this lizard/dragon.

Southern Australia

15. The Spotted Turtle

This turtle can be found in the east part of the Great Lakes, United States, also the eastern region of the Appalachian mountains. Go to Michigan in the summer, it’s beautiful that time of year, or the mountains and see this spotted turtle.

Michigan, United States

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