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42 Thoughts During Pretty Little Liars Finales

"So is every person on this show going to end up being A?"

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1. Ok, so lets see if the beginning of this episode has any significance.

2. I can't believe that Spencer still is having so many problems.

3. Why can't I look like that when I go to school?

4. Dear god Ezra looks so good I don't even care if he's A.

5. After that flashback I'd probably want to hurt Ali to, she's such a bitch.

6. OMYGOD A is right behind you how do you never notice?!?!?!?

7. Spencer please stop going crazy Hannah's mom went to jail and she stayed normal so you should be able by now to.

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8.Mona is crazy pants look at her eyes she's crazy.

9. Wait, wait maybe she's not crazy why can't I ever tell?

10. Aria's brother has gotten really hot.

11. Actually every guy on this show is hot.

12. God, I wish I was on this show I'd be dating Ian Harding by now.

13. I know that joke was supposed to be funny, Hannah, but it really wasn't.

14. How does Ali not know who tried to kill her? That seems like a lie.

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15. Ok, so were getting close to halfway through this episode and nothing has happened.

16. Hmmmm I wonder who they are going to make A this time?

17. They'll probably just tell us that they aren't really A next season anyway.

18. Who was that with her?!? Oh no, are they bringing that girl back?

19. I just saw the black hoodie!!!!! LOOK BEHIND YOU

20. I really want to find a way to text my friend's on a blocked number and pretend to be A.

21. I am way to emotionally invested in Aria and Ezra's relationship.

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22. Ok, here we go second part of this show ready for some stuff to happen!!

23. I really hope they don't make another hot guy A I don't think I could take it.

24. Can I own all of the clothes on this show please?

25. Emily you really need to break up with Paige she's really annoying.

26. I don't think they are ever going to figure out who the real A is.

27. Sometimes I think Ali is A because she is just like that.


abcfamily / Via

29. They are soooo close to finding him/her.

30. If they find him then does Ali get to be normal like she never fake died?

31. Probably not, then the show would be over.

32. No!!! Run the other way A went the other way!!!!

33. Wait Spencer noticed that to, she's always the one who notices follow Spencer!!

34. They caught up to A *whole room goes silent*


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36. They are taking off there mask, do this faster!!

37. Commercial, really?!?!?!

38. Ok here we go deep breaths, deep breaths.

39. NO!!!! WHYYY?!?!?!?!

40. Why do they do this to me every season?!?!?

41. *Throws shoe at television*

42. And now I have to wait two more months until another episode. *sigh*

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