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    • kelseyj3

      Oh God, people. She isahealthcare professional venting about an obviously irresponsible, inconsiderate and rude patient. This is not against the law. Perhaps it should have beenamore private facebook post, given that the people who reported her obviously haven’t developed the dark sense of humor REQUIRED in our profession. Sarcastic comments to her post were said in jest. She gave NO identifying information about the patient (trust me,Iknow of whatIspeak), and was not joking about the patient’s condition or stillbirth. Protected health information (related to HIPPA) is information that could directly identifyapatient such as: Name, DOB, SSN, address/phone and photos/videos without permission. Stay strong, Doc. The craziness will all go away once they realize there is no case or basis for any disciplinary action. I’d get representation if someone attempted to sue for this- and I’d win.

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