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If You're Wondering What A Mac 'N' Cheese Burger Tastes Like, We Found Out

"This would be a really satisfying last meal."

Hello internet! Kelsey and Annie here, and we love trying weird instagram foods. This time we're trying this insane Mac Daddy Burger, known for its Mac 'N' Cheese buns.

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We found ourselves again in Irvine, CA, this time at Pig Pen Delicacy home of this cheesy beast:

Before we get into the taste of this bad boy, let’s talk about how the damn thing is made.

They begin with the Mac 'N' Cheese, using a homemade cheese sauce, then shape the gooey goodness into buns before panko crusting them and deep frying. From there they add the burger patty, a slice of cheese, candied bacon, and lots of barbecue sauce.

Kelsey was, as always, very excited:

But Annie showed a bit of hesitancy:

The flavors took them both by surprise.

As expected, the cheese was incredible.

But the barbecue and candied bacon added an unexpected and very delicious sweetness!

Annie was converted.

And in the end, the two decided Mac 'N' Cheese and Burgers were a match made in junk food heaven.

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