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A Letter To Parents Of Teenagers: By Teenagers

This is for the parents of teenagers. Just read.

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To Parents With Teenagers,

First and foremost, thank you for supplying us with WiFi. Without this, we would, in fact, not survive.

Anyways, you've known us for quite sometime now. Honestly, you probably know us better than anybody, even though neither of us want to believe it. You know our favorite foods, the way we sleep, our "secret" illnesses that we don't like telling our friends because "having dyslexia is embarrassing." And although we have a really bad habit of not showing our appreciation, we are thankful for the little things you do on a daily basis that drive us insane, even though we don't know it yet.

Also, please note that we are dramatic. Overbearingly so in some cases. We will cry out hollow threats to run away or kill ourselves because you took our phone. Just know in your heart that, if this truly was the case, you would most likely know.

And although we let you down repeatedly, we do try our best. Sure, sometimes the teacher isn't really out to get us and we just didn't feel like doing 400 math problems in one night. Could you blame us? Society pressures us to feel like we aren't good enough even though we are, and it's going to take some time before we realize that.

We are going to make mistakes. You know this better than anybody because you "were our age once." You can tell us until you are blue in the face how a situation will end, but we will still make our own decisions because we want - we need - to learn from our own mistakes. And although if we were in your shoes, we would be the first to happily waltz around announcing that we "told you so," it would be way easier if you could just be there for us, and know that we are our parents' children.

I guess all we're saying is, yes, we will screw up, a lot. We will get into trouble. We will make the same mistakes you did when you were our age. We won't make the best grades all the time, or always get into the best colleges. We will say things that will hurt you, and we will be frugal with appreciative gestures. But we will also know where home is, and we will remember the annoying little things you nag about now, and we will nag about the same things when we are parents.

So thanks for being there even when we act like we don't want you there. Thanks for always doing the best you could even if we took it for granted. Thanks for raising us to be the best people we can be.

Thanks for being cool... Or whatever.


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