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23 Things We All Do Whether We Want To Admit It Or Not

Go ahead and deny these. All of them. But the truth will always come out. Always.

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5. Picking your nose.


You breath in through your nose and you feel those spikey little rascals scratching at that oh so delicate tissue. Rather than suffering from what is inevitably going to be a nosebleed, you just reach on in there and get those boogers out. No shame. I'm doing it now.

8. Thinking that you're hearing your phone go off when in reality you've eaten more times today than the amount of times you've recieved a text.


*hears message tone*

*excitedly looks at phone*

*realizes you're going crazy and nobody loves you*


13. Going over all your previous life choices under the cascading of hot water in the shower.


From all the comebacks you should have said but didn't, to all the cheesecakes you could have made room for, even if you were going to burst.

15. Having somebody ask you to repeat yourself too many times, then watching as they nod in agreement... You weren't even asking a question.


You: "I look terrible in this color."

Friend: *nods after not hearing you the first 3 times you said it*

18. Going into a state of depression and keeping 2008 Taylor Swift on repeat.


"...and Abigail gave every thing she had to a boy who changed his mind. And we both cried..." Thanks T-Swizzle, thank you very much.

If you don't do or relate to any of these things, congratulations. You're a liar.

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