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13 Times Tyler Oakley Completely Owned 2014

YouTube sensation and advocate for LGBTQ youth, Tyler Oakley has been a common name among the internet for years. But 2014 was the year he topped his game.

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1. "Slaying" Negativity


Being gay himself, Tyler has always frequently voiced his opinion over the issues the LGBTQ community has faced. Most popular is his heated Twitter exchange with One Direction's Liam Payne. Although this came with backlash from fans, Tyler's passion for the cause goes without hindering.

Tyler has helped many teens and youth through his videos, and he is actively seen as a resource for many who struggle to be themselves. You go, Glen Coco. You go.

2. 2.5 Million+ New "People!"

YouTube / Via

Tyler started 2014 with a little over 3.5 million people subscribed to his YouTube channel. He hit 6 million subscribers December of 2014.

Please send me your secrets.

3. Oakley and Obama


Tyler was invited, along with YouTube hero Hannah Hart, to the White House in early March 2014. The dynamic duo sat down across from President Obama himself and talked real issues, including same-sex marriage and suicide - both of which are extremely important to both Ty and Hannah.

Seriously, though. Imagine just living your life on YouTube and the President of the USA calls you up like, "Hey, wanna hang out?" Too much. It's too much.

4. #TeamInternet

YouTube / Via

Tyler won his first Teen Choice Award as Teen Choice Web Star: Male. He was nominated alongside besties Troye Sivan and Connor Franta. Why couldn't everybody get a prize? BRB, I'm crying.

5. Teen Choice Collab: Troyler


To add to the very special night, Tyler and "shipmate" Troye won an award for Teen Choice Collaboration! Let's be honest, their "Boyfriend Tag" collab video was 100x better than any real boyfriend/girlfriend tag video.

Because it is real.

6. Steamy's! I mean...Streamys.

The night for royalty. We mean internet royalty, of course! The 4th Annual Streamy Awards presented Tyler with his well-deserved Entertainer of the Year award, as well as Activist Icon of the Year, recognizing him for his amazing work with The Trevor Project.

Such a tremendous and truly considerate soul bringing some very much needed light to an amazing cause!

7. Appearances Galore!


In 2014, Tyler has been seen on numerous national TV spotlights, such as the MTV's Video Music Awards, Kid's Choice Awards, Teen's Choice Awards, Insider Tonight, and many many others!

He's a busy man, but somehow always seems to keep amazing hair. Again, Tyler, please send your secrets!

8. Slumber Party!!


A live tour slumber party, of course! During November and December, Tyler has travelled across numerous states, selling out his live tour! With a set identical to his living room - where he shoots most of his videos - attendees get to see this inspiration's energy and immaculate hair all up close and personal.

Seriously Tyler, what products do you use?

9. "Darren Criss"


The epitome of a fangirl's life is meeting the one person who makes their world spin. The one who puts the meaning into the days they spend promoting them in every possible way, from social media to word of mouth. Tyler lived every fangirl's dream, and surpassed it. Darren Criss collabed with him, in his house, and even flirted with him.

Round of applause that Tyler stayed conscious the whole time.

10. The Talk

CBS / Via

The beginning of October was huge for Tyler, as he made an appearance on popular morning talkshow, The Talk. Even though he has a love brighter than the sun for Julie Chin, he managed to keep his cool in this very high-stress and amazing moment!

You're better than I, Tyler. You are better than I.

11. Youth Innovator Award


The Trevor Project is something Tyler holds incredibly close to his heart, and clearly they hold him close to their's as well. They awarded him the Trevor Youth Innovator Award during the charity's bash in June 2014.

On a serious note, it's refreshing to see such a tremendous soul being rewarded for the work he has chosen to do. He inspires all of us.

12. Raising Over $500k for Trevor!


For his birthday in March, Tyler hosted a 45 day prizeo campaign to raise money for The Trevor Project. In 2013, Tyler's goal for his "Birthday Campaign" was $24,000. This was very much surpassed in 2014 when he reached over half a million dollars in donations, $200,000 of that amount being raised in just six days.

Although Tyler was congratulated numerous occassions for the amount he raised, he made a point to remind everyone that the success of the campaign was due to the amazing work of his fans - "The People!" Good job, People!!

13. Psychobabble


"It's not just crazy talk, it's Psychobabble!" Tyler and his long time bestie, Korey, have joined together to create one of the funniest podcasts out there. It is continuously at the top of the iTunes charts, and has had an overwhelmingly successful reception.

Tyler is at the top, and he's not coming back down.


Juggling a live tour, weekly video uploads, weekly podcast releases, TV & award show appearances, plus everything in between - Tyler is one of the hardest working personalities in the media today, and has rightfully earned the title "YouTube Sensation."

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