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    This Woman Attempted To Figure Out How The Democratic Process Works

    Let's get political.

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    Figuring out how (and why) to vote can be daunting –especially with all the conflict surrounding the current election. So, BuzzFeed's own Kelsey Darragh teamed up with Watchable to explore the democratic process and get to the bottom of what this election means for millennials.

    To start her ~political journey~ Kelsey sat down with an associate professor of political science, Jacqueline C. Reich, PhD. Dr. Reich told Kelsey the best way to be a part of the political process was to learn about both parties from a variety of sources, and then see which party aligned with your beliefs.

    So, Kelsey ventured out to the Republican National Convention and spoke to Republicans...

    ...and then to the DNC to speak to Democrats.

    After traveling thousands of miles, meeting hundreds of people, and figuring out WTF she cared about and which candidate supported her beliefs... Kelsey was ready to vote in her first election!

    1. Do YOU understand the Democratic process?

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    Do YOU understand the Democratic process?
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