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"Am I Doing This Right?" Newsletter Archive

If you've missed any editions of "Am I Doing This Right?" you can find them all here!

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February 16 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 019 Being Bisexual"

Kelsey Darragh

Inside: On childhood, bi-hood, and going to Pride with my dad.

"I can’t tell you how you’re supposed to feel about your sexuality but I will tell you this: if you feel something, follow that feeling. It doesn't have to be right, but don’t limit yourself from the potential of feeling something wonderful just because someone tells you that you should or shouldn't."


January 12 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 018"

Kelsey Darragh

Inside: Traveling around Europe, a new episode of my show, and some TV I'm loving.

"I love hearing stories about you guys when we meet. You guys are so cool. I love trying your foods and drinks and lifestyle! You guys, we all need to travel more."

December 15 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 017"


Inside: Info on my new show!

"I love hearing from you guys whether it’s here, on Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Please let me know what you think of the series and the new stuff we are putting on BuzzFeed."

October 20 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 015"


Inside: An episode of Am I Doing This Right? about the election!

"I just wanted to thank all of you guys for supporting us while we were shooting Am I Doing This Right?. I loved reading your messages on twitter/snapchat/insta."


October 6 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 014"


Inside: Let's talk about Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day!

"There are so, so many other chronic pain sufferers out there who put on a brave smile every single day and choose to keep fighting, remain optimistic, and most importantly – KEEP THRIVING!"

September 22 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 013"

Inside: Info about my new series, and how to be ok with spending time alone.

"Know that it is completely normal if you like being alone. And it’s also completely normal to still feel sad when you see other people doing things you’re not."

August 25 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 012"


Inside: The great new book from Amy Schumer I'm enjoying, plus some exciting news about a new show!

"I just wanted to say thanks for sticking with me and it’s because of you guys that this was possible. I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED to make content for you guys."

August 11 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 011"

Kelsey Darragh

Inside: I'm on vacation!

"I'm off drinking Guinness in Ireland, seeing Harry Potter in London (omfg Rupert Grint was at the play!), bungee jumping in Amsterdam, and eating my weight in bread in Paris (there is no humble brag here, I'm too excited)!"


July 28 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 010"

Kelsey Darragh

Inside: Some info about my visits to the RNC and DNC, plus tips on how to travel when you have anxiety.

"I’ve included some behind the scene pics of our travels [in the newsletter]! I know that anxiety can be debilitating. But as I look over these pictures, I’m reminded that the few moments of panic are far outweighed by all the fun memories we made."

July 14 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 009"


Inside: Astrology knowledge from Curly, Spotify, and Pokémon Go.

"Here’s a TBT to a video I made about the most stable relationship I’ve had for a while now. I’m talking about my relationship with wine."

June 16 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 007"

Kelsey Darragh

Inside: My dad came to town, UnREAL, and living to the fullest.

"You remember that Dads have feelings too and you take every chance you have to tell him you love him. You’re still surprised by his wisdom. You’re excited when he accepts your beliefs. You share time together with a newfound respect for each other now that you’re both adults. You laugh. You love."


May 19 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 005"


Inside: Body positivity, advice from my sister, and more!

"I can’t promise that by the time you enter adulthood, you’re going to embrace your flaws and love every bit of yourself. But I can tell you that you’ll feel better if you do what I wish I had done sooner: Drown out the external noise."

May 5 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 004"

Kelsey Darragh

Inside: How To Hook Up With Your Friend And Be Fine Afterwards + my favorite lipstick!

"One of our upcoming guests on Ladies’ Room, Jen Kirkman, shelled out some of the best advice I’ve ever heard on how to get over a breakup... She told me, 'Give yourself 10 minutes a day to obsess over it- cry, complain, write, feel bad for yourself- and that's it. For the rest of the day, you’re not to think about it, talk about it, or beat yourself up about it any more.'"

April 7 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 002"

Kelsey Darragh

Inside: Ways to deal with anxiety, the fairy godmother of makeup, and remembering Ikea Monkey.

"We are often our own worst critics and can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “get it together” because we know how great we can be. However, sometimes the pressure of “getting it together” becomes greater than the thing we were anxious or depressed about in the first place!"

March 25 — "Am I Doing This Right?: 001"


Inside: Behind-the-scenes pics from Ladies' Room, my comedy goddesses, and one of my favorite podcasts.

"As a teen, I was such a twat to my mom (hormones, rebellion, etc.). As a semi-adult, I feel so grateful that she’s my best friend."