kelseyabryant Graduate from the University of Florida College of Journalism. Former news junkie, now works with horses. Lover of all dogs. Enjoys otter shows at aquariums, sloth videos, and reality TV.
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  • Roman- The Rescue Pup Who Traveled 4700 Miles To Safety.

    Flavia, a student at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, was visiting her grandparents in Romania when she found, and rescued 3 month old, stray and injured, Roman. Her family couldn’t keep him in Romania, so she did all the necessary research (not easy without a car, cell phone, or computer while in an unfamiliar town,) and made travel plans for Roman to make the 4700 mile journey with her back to the US with her (he even has his own passport!) He is sweet, quiet, vaccinated, and microchipped- and although most of his wounds have healed, veterinary care is still required. Flavia already has 3 rescue dogs, and wants the best for Roman in a forever home. Also, she plans on returning to Romania after graduation to work in animal shelters there…so Flavia is the best. And Roman makes planes, trains, and subways much more adorable.

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