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The Cast Of "Smart House" Then And Now

You know you always wanted Ben Cooper to invite you over to his house.

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Katie Volding (Angie Cooper)

IMDB / Via imdb.com

What She’s Up To Now: She's off the grid! In 2009, Katie wrapped up her role on ABC Family's Au Pair trilogy. Katie was the IT girl in the late 90's. If a director needed a precocious little sister with big eyes... Katie was your girl!

Katey Segal (Pat)

IMBD / Via imdb.com

What She’s Up To Now: Katey is iconically known for her role as Cate on 8 Simple Rules where was was the TV wife to the late, John Ritter. Katey is currently on Sons of Anarchy, and A to Z. Keep an eye out for Katey this year in Pitch Perfect 2! Will she sing? Whatever she does it's going to be ACCA-awesome! This February, she started a blog!

Ryan Merriman (Ben Cooper)

IMDB / Via imdb.com

What He’s Up To Now: Attention Pretty Little LIars fans.... this is Ian! Ryan has been acting since 1993 and back in the day he was a familiar face on Disney Channel Original Movies. Remember Luck of the Irish?

Kevin Kilner (Nick Cooper)

IMBD / Via imdb.com

What He's Up To Now: Kevin can been seen in the Kevin Durant Sprint Commericals. He has a long list of roles, but his most popular HOT DAD roles are One Tree Hill and A Cinderella Story... let's not forget he's on House of Cards.


Facebook / Via cdn.3news.co.nz

What They Are Up To Now: 5ive is now four. No wait three. Back in 2013, the guys came together for The Big Reunion. Catch them on tour in the UK for the #LoudAndIntimate tour. Yes, 18 years later audiences still gather to hear Slam Dunk the Funk.

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