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Which Memebr Of The Pseudofam R U????????

Hopefully you're all of us

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  1. How much of ur life is a mess?

    Square root of -2
    Enough of it
    My life is a soggy bottom
  2. How low can you go???

    Too low
    Zero low
    Too high can't come down #cloudninelife
    Knee problems, not bendy
    However far the pineapple falls
    Lower than my credit score
  3. Where will you meet the love of your life?

    French class
    Surrounded by crystals deep in savasana
    Behind the smoothie bar in the Natural Foods Story
    Summer job in a teen romance movie
    A white tent
  4. Favorite main st. eatery?

    Ramen Kumamoto
    Cafe 49
    Honeygrow with a side of Panera
    Saladworks #RIP
  5. Fave conspiracy theory?

    D.B. Cooper
    The moon landing was faked
    Tupac and Biggie are still alive
    Elvis died on the toilet
    Donald Trump's presidency
    Paul Hollywood will not leave his wife for a meme queen
  6. How active are you in the group chat?

    What group chat??
    Only when I'm summoned
    Sprinkles in texts like a salt bae
    I am like the wind, I don't have time for things like the group chat to tie me down
    I choose to be active when I choose to be awake
    I'm just happy to be here man
  7. What's your go-to midnight snack?

    Seaweed and sin
    Chips and dip
    Fear of mortality
    Fruit roll ups
    Bark thins
    Teriyaki chicken jerky
  8. How necessary is sleep?

    I'll sleep when I'm dead
    What am I, a communist?
    8 hours no question
    I'm an infant and I need it all
    Always with a side of more
  9. Shoe of choice?

    Flat shoes are for quitters
    Rainbow flip flops or moccasins
    New balance mom shoes
  10. What's your major?

    Media and PR?
    Interpersonal communications
    Psych and Human Services
    Cognitive science
  11. Netflix show?

    Great British Bake Off
    Parks and Rec
    Criminal Minds
    Stranger Things
    Private Practice
  12. Biggest problem in your life rn?

    My 10 page essay is due in 16 hrs and I haven't started it
    My wife left me and took my car keys and I have a job interview in an hour
    I can't eat sugar but I love duck donuts
    Walgreens customers
    I can't do downward dog because my hands keep slippin
  13. What can't you leave the house without?

    Hand sanitizer (lavender scented!)
    My virginity
    My sunny disposition
    Bath and Body Works lotion
    My phone
  14. What font would you be?

    Times New Roman size 12
    Curlz MT
    Lavanderia Sturdy
    Century Gothic
    Trebuchet MS
  15. It's Friday night!!! What are you doing?

    Drinking to forget about the war
    Questioning my life choices
    Every Friday night is a new experience
    Netflix and chill with bae
    Accidentally ruining my life
    Look good feel good ferry day
  16. What's your favorite meme?

    What is a meme

Which Memebr Of The Pseudofam R U????????

You got: LilSof SuperDope

WOOOOO you go LilSof SuperDope! Be proud you just peaked (like Sof in the 8th grade).

LilSof SuperDope
8th grade fabulousness
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You got: Kale

Your whole life is a facade and nothing is real. Have fun!

anchored before it was srat
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You got: Meme Queen Megeen Coheen

The memeiest queen in all the land! You're really good at sign tricks and Paul Hollywood loves u <3

Meme Queen Megeen Coheen
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You got: Klysa

You're the pineapple queen!! You are highly stressed always and you are a mom inside and out.

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You got: Abibail

You have a stable romantic life but are unstable in every other way. 10/10 hair and brows!!!!

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You got: Mary Magdalene Maddie

You are a pure cinnamon roll, too good for this world. Congrats on being a better person than literally everyone else at any given time!

Mary Magdalene Maddie
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