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    25 Things People Who Don't Drink Coffee Are Tired Of Hearing

    You caffeine junkies won't understand, but some people just don't like coffee.

    For some people, coffee is a must.

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    But other people don't need or want coffee to survive.

    So here are a few things non-coffee drinkers have heard before and don't care to hear again.

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    1. Wait. You DON'T drink coffee?!?!

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    Yeah, I just said that.

    2. Well have you ever tried coffee?


    Yes. That's probably why I don't drink it. #yuck

    3. Is it a religious thing?


    Someone's nosy.

    4. Is it a moral thing?


    There are a lot of issues in the coffee industry and you should read up on it.

    5. But how do you get up in the morning?


    I open my eyes and the day begins. After I hit snooze three times.

    6. I'd be asleep right now if I didn't have my coffee this morning.



    7. Do you have enough energy to get through the day?

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    Sometimes! But if not, there are many other ways to energize without coffee.

    8. So are you a tea person?


    Pinkies up.

    9. Well there's caffeine in tea, too, ya know.

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    Mhm, honey, I know.

    10. Coffee is an acquired taste.


    Why acquire a taste for something you don't like?

    11. You just aren't drinking the right kind of coffee!

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    Oh really? What else am I doing wrong in life?

    12. I bet you'd really like *insert coffee order here*


    Thanks but no thanks.

    13. Have you tried the coffee from *insert coffee place here*, it's the BEST.

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    Oh reallly? Do they have doughnuts, because if we go, I'll get that.

    14. Do you at least like the smell?


    Some people do, others do not. But we can all agree your coffee breath is no bueno.

    15. Wait. If you don't drink coffee what do you order at Starbucks???

    Cake pops, duh. Or ya know, anything that isn't coffee?

    16. Does that mean you've never had a Pumpkin Spice Latte?


    Welcome back to Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    17. What about cappuccinos, espressos etc.?


    You mean all those super condensed coffee-based beverages? Pass.

    18. But some of them are so nice and foamy!

    I've seen enough of this stuff on Instagram to satisfy any nonexistent craving I may have.

    19. I don't trust people who don't drink coffee.


    I'm coming for you.

    20. Is that why you're always in a bad mood?


    You're why I'm always in a bad mood. It's YOU.

    21. Whenever I don't have my coffee I get the worst headaches.


    That's withdrawal. You probably have a caffeine addiction.

    22. Coffee is good for you!


    In small doses, sure! But three cups a day takes a toll.

    23. But coffee is expensive. You probably save a ton of money.


    Yes, a purely fiscal decision on my part.

    24. You never have to wait in those crazy coffee lines either!

    I did wait in line for the cronut once so I guess we are even.

    25. One day you'll have the perfect cup of coffee and be changed forever.


    Until that day comes you can leave me alone.