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    17 Mind-Blowing Challah Bread Recipes You Must Make This Holiday Season

    Can you say hollaaaa

    1. Honey Apple Challah

    2. Chocolate Chip Challah

    3. Cinnamon Crunch Challah

    4. Garlic Leek Challah

    5. Pumpkin Challah

    6. Chocolate Orange Challah

    7. Chocolate Cherry Challah

    8. Gingerbread Challah

    9. Pistachio Challah

    10. Brown Butter Cinnamon Sweet Potato Challah

    11. Orange Vanilla and Cardamom Challah

    12. Everything Bagel Challah

    13. Coffee Cake Challah

    14. Pretzel Challah

    15. Fig Raspberry Sea Salt Challah

    16. Savory Tomato Stuffed Challah

    17. Traditional Challah