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    The 26 Most Relatable Max Blum Quotes From "Happy Endings"

    Don't let appearances fool you. This lovable bum is chock-full of insight.

    1. When you meet someone new and instantly become BFFs.

    2. When your family won't stop asking you how the job search is going.


    But you'll get there. Someday. Maybe.

    3. When you get interrupted right in the middle of an awesome story.


    But you handle the situation with grace. As usual.

    4. Then are expected to listen to everyone else's successful career and relationship updates.


    Just kill me now.

    5. But it's okay. You weren't really listening anyway.


    Clearly, time well spent.

    6. When you refuse to accept being the odd man out.

    7. What you secretly think to yourself every time you pull off a complex lie.


    Nailed it.

    8. When your need for positive reinforcement outweighs your sense of pride.

    9. When your love of pop culture develops a mind of its own.


    We've all tumbled down that rabbit hole from time to time.

    10. When you feel like your sex life is being judged.

    11. When your friends automatically assume you're always available to hang out.


    I mean, you normally are, but you still resent the insinuation.

    12. When you're too caught up in the moment to worry about your image.


    So. Many. Feelings.

    13. When you're out to dinner and realize your eyes were too big for your wallet. Again.


    Now those extra 3 appetizers and 2 desserts just seem excessive.

    14. When one of your friends comes up with a super cool idea.

    15. When your initially genius plan somehow goes horribly awry.


    It's all about trial and error.

    16. When you overhear others complaining about their insignificant problems.

    17. When you develop a temporary case of self-loathing.

    18. When you walk in on people talking smack about someone you care about.


    Only you are allowed to bitch about your loved ones.

    19. When your logic makes sense, but only to you.


    Everyone's got their quirks.

    20. When you're trying to help a friend get over a breakup.


    Support is support, right?

    21. When your dream of winning the lottery finally comes true.


    Said with complete and utter love, of course.

    22. When you realize one of your friends isn't watching your favorite show.


    You then proceed to watch them watch the show and live vicariously through their experience.

    23. Your initial reaction upon discovering that your ex is now engaged.

    24. When you mask genuine fear behind playful sarcasm.


    No, but seriously...are you???

    25. When you just can't come to terms with other people's priorities.


    How does one live like this?!

    26. Luckily, your priorities are in much better order.

    We love you, Adam Pally!


    Please don't ever change.

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