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25 Signs You Might Be A Geller

Who knows — there could be a Geller Cup in your future.

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1. You love being the center of attention.

2. And get very upset when your limelight is stolen.

3. You enjoy using sign language.

Or at least your own unique version of it.

4. You've been known to overreact at times.

5. But your dance moves are unmatched.

6. You can come across as a real smarty pants.


In school, you even referred to homework as fun.

7. Yet you greatly enjoy bestowing that wisdom onto others.

8. In your house, rudeness was never tolerated.

9. And you were always taught to stick by your principles.


Consistency is key, people!

10. You seek out justice for those who have wronged you.

11. And while some may think you're high maintenance...

12. Not to mention a little controlling...

13. Others know that you're well worth the effort.

14. You consider yourself somewhat of a starving artist.

And have even acquired your own unique "sound."

15. You are highly competitive.

16. And you're mildly obsessed with cleaning.


Or maybe not so mildly.

17. You absolutely loathe grammar mistakes.


Which no one blames you for.

18. You know the secret of making math fun.

19. And even though you can be a little bossy at times.

20. Or occasionally in denial about your feelings.

21. Deep down, you're a people-pleaser at heart.

22. You love weddings...maybe even a little too much.

23. And despite the fact that your sex life hasn't always been the greatest.

24. You still possess your own sexy flair.

25. But most importantly, you have the best taste in friends.

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