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19 Questions "Hocus Pocus" Left Unanswered

This cult classic has left our minds running amuck. Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!

1. Why didn't Binx ever contact his parents after becoming a cat?


Sure, he was a cat and it probably sucked, but he was a cat WHO COULD TALK! That is a huge benefit to have when you're an animal (or so I would imagine). He could easily have communicated with his parents, but he chose not to. Why? This never gets discussed. Please explain.

2. Why didn't the Sanderson Sisters simply put a spell on the Salem townsfolk?


This worked so well at the Halloween dance it makes me question why they didn't pull the same stunt prior to their hanging. Was a live band required in order for it to work? I need to knooow!

3. Or why not just turn everyone into a cat?


They literally JUST performed this spell like 2 minutes before getting caught. Why not just repeat the process to the villagers? Did they already fill their cat-cursing quota for that month? Answers, people, I need answers!

4. What becomes of Winifred's spell book?


This was a pretty powerful object and we're just supposed to believe it got left in the museum? And what was the significance of the eye opening at the end of the movie? Did this mean the witches weren't really dead? Were the directors planning on doing a sequel? If that's the case, there's still time! LET'S DO THIS! Please?

5. Was Allison not a virgin?


When Max asked if she wanted to "do the honors" of lighting the black flame candle, she declined. Was this because she just didn't want to or did she simply not fulfill the requirements? Max should've been all over this.

6. What was up with Emily?


Seriously, the girl never even tried to escape. Sure, it would've been 3 against 1, but at least make them work for it! If your hot brother is trying to save your life, you should at least make an effort. So what gives?

7. Why did Winnie resurrect her ex-boyfriend?


Out of all the corpses to chose from in a cemetery, she opted to awake Billy — an ex-lover who once cheated on her with her own sister. How does this make sense? The guy wasn't loyal in life, he certainly wouldn't be in death.

8. What exactly do children smell like?


I'm guessing it wasn't sugar and spice, and everything nice. But seriously, how did this work? How did it smell? Would it slowly fade away as the child grew older? (Max was at least 16 or 17 years old, yet they could still sniff him out). Did the smell vary with each kid or was it just one consistent scent? I don't understand!

9. Why didn't the sisters use their potion on another child?


Look, I get why Winnie wanted to use Dani. Honestly, the girl was kinda asking for it. But there would've been plenty of time for revenge after being turned to dust was no longer a risk. Priorities, people!

10. Did Jay and ICE ever make it out of those huge bird cages?


We're happy Max was able to get his cross trainers back and everything, but he did eventually release them from those cages, right? Sure, they were jerks, but deep down those two were pretty harmless in comparison to their captors. Plus, they sing a mean round of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."

11. Where were all the babysitters?


After Sarah sang her highly seductive trance song, there were a ton of kids roaming through the streets Walking Dead-style. So what happened to the babysitters who were supposed to be watching them? Were they young enough to qualify as children themselves? Were they not paying attention or did they just not care? I think we all the parents have a right to know.

12. How did Winnie know what a driver's permit was?


During her little chase scene with Max (her on a broom, him in a car), she told him to pull over so she could see his driver's permit. Where did she learn this term? When in the midst of all her scheming did she find time to stop by the DMV and update herself on modern day driving jargon? Did she overhear the bus driver talking about it? Just tell me already!

13. How is Sarah's hair curly in 1693, but straight in 1993?

Via and

Are you allowed to style your hair in the underworld? This seems to be the only explanation I can think of. Unless she quickly learned how to use a straightener. If that's the case, then I'm impressed.

14. Did Max follow through with his deal with Dani?


In exchange for their little outing with Allison, Max promised to go trick-or-treating with his little sister the following year as Wendy and Peter Pan (tights included!). Was he a man of his word? And if so, I'm going to need to see some proof.

15. Why did the high school have a kiln/incinerator?


Was this common to have in schools at the time? What was it used for? I'm concerned.

16. Will Max die young?


Before turning to stone, Winnie had already sucked up a decent amount of Max's "life force." Does this mean he's not going to live as long? I'd be pissed.

17. And finally...why wasn't there a sequel?

18. Just...WHY?

19. Who wouldn't want to see more of this?

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I rest my case.