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19 Questions "Hocus Pocus" Left Unanswered

This cult classic has left our minds running amuck. Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!

1. Why didn't Binx ever contact his parents after becoming a cat?

2. Why didn't the Sanderson Sisters simply put a spell on the Salem townsfolk?

3. Or why not just turn everyone into a cat?

4. What becomes of Winifred's spell book?

5. Was Allison not a virgin?

6. What was up with Emily?

7. Why did Winnie resurrect her ex-boyfriend?

8. What exactly do children smell like?

9. Why didn't the sisters use their potion on another child?

10. Did Jay and ICE ever make it out of those huge bird cages?

11. Where were all the babysitters?

12. How did Winnie know what a driver's permit was?

13. How is Sarah's hair curly in 1693, but straight in 1993?

14. Did Max follow through with his deal with Dani?

15. Why did the high school have a kiln/incinerator?

16. Will Max die young?

17. And finally...why wasn't there a sequel?

18. Just...WHY?

19. Who wouldn't want to see more of this?

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I rest my case.