12 Easy Steps To Surviving The Time Warner Blackout

Your road to recovery is just a click away!

When word got out of Time Warner Cable’s plan to pull CBS and Showtime from its airwaves, there were some who refused to take the threat seriously.


At first you were just plain shocked.

And a little confused.

Which quickly escalated into full-out rage.

Just so many feelings.

I mean, don’t they realize how this will affect you?

Now all those wonderful TV shows are just beyond your reach.

It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.

In fact, it’s probably caused a drastic shift in your priorities.

Just remember to keep calm. No dispute can last forever, right?

But until that glorious day comes, there ARE other things you could be doing.

No, seriously. Just follow these steps below and you’ll be back to your happy-go-lucky self in no time.

(Or at least for the 5 minutes it takes to read this post…) You’re welcome!

1. Join a club.

It never hurts to expand your network.

2. Catch up on your beauty sleep.

Less TV options leaves more room for good old-fashioned power naps. We hear that “NocheTussin” works wonders.

3. Rewatch the entire series of “LOST.”

Because we all know that’s time well spent.

4. Develop a fun, new fitness regime.

These are just facts, you guys.

5. Start your own cool blog.

Let your vocab freak fly!

6. Make sure to enjoy some fresh air.

Don’t be scared. Three-dimensional people are fun to watch too.

7. Become familiar with your body both inside and out.

8. Go on a massive cleaning spree.

JUST KIDDING! You’re depressed, not delusional. Go shopping instead!

9. Make new friends.

See! You’re feeling better already, aren’t you?

10. Showcase that rockstar talent you know you have.

The song pretty much writes itself.

11. And when all else fails, there’s always drinking.

12. In fact, just go ahead and create your very own drinking game.

The more creative, the better!


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